#5 Two Tickets – ‘Having a ball’

You ever seen those TV shows where the contestants win big prizes like holidays and TVs? They were on in the 90s a lot and you’d see people win these things, which on the face of it seems great.

WOW a new car! 

And it is exciting, you now have something you did not have before. The problem is by the time you get it home you’ve lost a 6th of its value, you have had to put a full tank of petrol in it, insure it, tax it and thats not to mention the fact you don’t like silver. That is what it is like to receive an invite to something when you are feeling low or in an anxious state – or it is how I feel anyway. On the surface it is great but as time goes on you begin to realise what you are going to have to deal with. This then typically ends in cancellation.

Today was different, I woke up not excited for the day. I work 7 days a week and the last day of the week is the busiest. Not excited. That was until I get a message from my girlfriend telling me we have been given two tickets to the grandest of Grand Balls in Vienna.

I live in Vienna.

And one thing to know about Vienna if you have never been is that is it stunningly beautiful with amazing architecture and can take your breath away at every turn.


It is a very cultured city, with high status historically. There are lots of Opera houses and theatres everywhere. And then there is the Hofburg Palace, a stunningly grand building, made famous by Hitler who stood on its grand podium and spoke to a rumoured 1 million people.


That is where the ball will be held.

And for once I can honestly say my fears of invitation never presented itself and I find myself genuinely looking forward to an event for the first time in a long time. The tickets came to us relatively close to the event – it is only 6 days away. Maybe the lack of build up has caught the guys upstairs off guard, or maybe they dont care. Maybe I am just feeling good.

But either way we’ve got two tickets and we’re going to have a ball. Quite literally.





What did you make of that then?

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