#6 Rushing – ‘The art of going no where’

Today I woke up with headache number 29201493. They’re common for me. They’re a cloudy start to the day and a mildly annoyance for me and probably for my girlfriend, who has to listen to my endless complaints. It is like my brain says the mental agony it burdens me with on an annoyingly consistent basis is not enough – have the physical pain as well! 

The day rumbled on into a comedy of mishaps. Missing every metro by 7 seconds, going in the wrong direction for 20 minutes, going to a bank which is now closed, finding a bank whose automated system is not working, forgetting my wallet… it goes on. Now I don’t know what your reaction is to these kind of days, but I generally greet it with an ‘of course I miss the metro by 7 seconds, what else could happen to me‘. As I totally forget that I get the metro 99% of the time, on time. Banks are usually where I think they are and I dont usually forget my wallet. But for that split second, it always happens. My life is never right. Everything goes wrong at all times.

The reason I didn’t react like that today, is that, if I am being completely honest,  it hasnt been my reaction for a while. I actually miss metros and buses by seconds a lot of the time. That is because I have stopped rushing.

No running after buses.

No chasing after metros.

No charging up escalators. 

Or shouting at old ladies to get out of the way (an old hobby*).

This is because after some considered thought I realised that rushing is a fool’s errand. Why do we run? Maybe we are late, or frustrated, or we want to be home, or all of the above. OK they actually sound like pretty good reasons.

My argument is more ideological. I want to be in a society where 5 minutes either way doesn’t make a difference. Where life outside of the home should not be so unbearable that you have to run through it. Where you want to care for slower people (older people). They don’t walk slow because they can’t walk fast. They walk slow because they realise what they’re missing. Its only old people because it takes us that long to realise this revelation. That it is not worth running, that it is not worth being angry over.

So I am calmer now when things ‘go wrong’. The next train is fine, as is the next bus and the next metro*. Let all just chill out and be late for everything – a lesson my girlfriend obviously learned a long time ago.


P.S I was out looking for tuxedo hire places. 5 days to go!

*Not true.
*Probably why I get fired from every job I’ve had – joke.

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