#7 Snappy – ‘Lying in wait’

The crocodile can and will, wait in a swamp all day, absolutely still, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Now the swamp is a good analogy here because it’s murky, shallow and you have no idea what waits beneath, very much how I see my mind. But it’s the crocodile which is the problem today.

Today is a crocodile day.

I am a very laid back person typically and I rarely get angry or annoyed. In fact I wasn’t either of those things today, but there is something lurking in the shallows. I have had to consciously stop myself from snapping at… everyone, to be honest. My girlfriend, the man on the metro bumping into me, the man at the shop who couldn’t find his bank card and anyone else who was within 5 meters of me.

Although I am extremely tired now, during the day I was fine. I wasn’t hungry and I’d been drinking water all day. I had no arguments with anyone and had a normal working day. So why is this crocodile lurking beneath, waiting for anyone to slip up? It puzzles me where he, it came from, or better why? The whole day seemed like a constant battle to keep it at bay.

I guess I won. I mean we are at the end of the day and I only killed three people and maimed another… oh look a joke!

But seriously I haven’t snapped, hopefully the crocodile waddles on or swims on or whatever they do. Just leave. Tomorrow is a new day and all that. Any crocodiles in your day?


P.S For the people on tux watch, the suit has been purchased (it was cheaper than renting??). Although 3 hours of looking around stores has brought back some serious shin pain – see this blog for details.


What did you make of that then?

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