#10 Good Morning, Vietnam! – ‘Positively Positive’

The title is relevant for a few reasons today; yesterdays blog post made reference to war and specifically Vietnam. Secondly it is a famous line from a famous movie by a now recently departed famous man, who dealt with mental issues. Thirdly, it accurately reflects how I felt this morning.

More layers to this blog than an onion. 

So we (i) started the day well. Sometimes I like to think the guys in my head can’t keep up with me or maybe they just dont care some days. Either way they were quiet. It was positive. I was positive. Positivity is underrated, which is poignant given my negative post yesterday.

About 5 or 6 years ago I began to consciously change my vernacular. I not only thought negatively but also spoke negatively. I realised this was a loop, never ending negative spiral of negative emotions, feelings, thoughts and speech. I may not have the power to change the feelings, emotions or even the thoughts at times – so why add to the negativity by speaking negatively?

Now I don’t think Robin Williams’ character was directly affiliated with any official ‘Positive Speakers for Mental Health Issues’ organisation, but I do think knowingly or unknowingly he was an advocate.  The situation they were in was deplorable, the worst in fact, but in regards to the elements he could control – he did. And that is what I am doing, and did (as well as this lady).

I dont think anyone has any logical reason to talk themselves down, or talk anyone down for that matter. It doesn’t benefit anyone, ever.

At first this change was difficult to embrace, its odd to switch language so abruptly. But over time it becomes second nature. I should also note that it is never about talking yourself up either – that is equally as damaging.

There we have it, a good day. A positive one.

The day did peter out* as my energy dropped, but it was more like the slow decline of a transatlantic plane to its destination. Namely my bed, of which I have duly arrived.

Wish you well and goodnight.


P.S It was harder to write a positive blog than a negative one.. do you find that happens with you?

*Where on earth does that phrase come from? and who is peter? answers in the comments please
Something similar or something different?



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