How To Help Each Other, The Right Way.

The majority of my bachelor study was spent on economics, which is actually far more interesting than any politicians would lead you to believe. Economics is not only about money, although that’s all they talk about, it is about the distribution  of resources. Resources, in a very unromantic sense, can be people. We are people. Or at least I think we all are, maybe this is one big computer simulation and you are all robots. I am a person.

So how does this help us, the anxious ones, the depressed ones, that bane in society which no one seems to understand, care about or help. OK. There is help, but it’s limited and insufficient.

Heres a bit more theory – I promise this gets back to us helping each other. So Almost 100 years ago a guy named John Maynard Keynes came up with an economic theory and policy for the British Government (since used by almost all governments). The basic theory is that no matter what we do there will always be boom times and recessions, so elegantly he suggested that we save our money in the boom times and use the savings in times of recession, to plug the gaps. Simple.

Now if we transfer that over to the issues of mental care, we have a very simple way to help each other. Just like an economy, the mind has its boom times and its busts. We are up some days and down others (possibly, maybe, slightly over simplified).

Give help when we are up.

This is not medical, psychiatric help obviously. But I mean reach out to people. Talk to people, understand people. If there is one thing  as a group who deal with mental illness regularly can do, it is understand. We deal with these things on a daily basis. There is no need to keep that knowledge to ourselves. Share, encourage, support, understand and other nice words.

Get help when we are down. 

The time will come when we inevitably cannot be the supporter, but the one that needs support, and that is ok. We as a community are less judgemental and more caring, because we understand – I hope. So it will happen. You will be down, that is the time to admit it, to open up, as we all seem to do so well on here. The cyclical effect will be that the people we helped are in a better place to help, and so it continues.

This all seems very obvious I guess but I have noticed when people post negative blogs, such as; they are down (like yesterday for me), they are struggling or cant cope. There are few comments, few likes and presumably few views. Whereas on positive posts, about recovery and good days, it is the opposite. Whilst encouragement when people are up is important, leaving the people who are down behind is heartbreaking to see.

Understand, support, be there when you’re up and dont be shy to say when you’re down and need help.

It makes sense to me anyway. What do you think?


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  1. I noticed that too. Whenever I’m down, I post about it and I receive almost no likes. Unless of course I write it through poems and add a little bit of humor. But sometimes, people look past that and barely see the struggle of the person trying to cope up with life.

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  2. Love this concept. I can feel guilty for not giving the help in my down times, especially when they last a long time, but coming to see the necessity of getting help instead of trying to give help when I’m empty. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I know what you mean, I feel the same. But I think as we all go through bad times we should all understand it’s ok to be down and receive help, and know we can help later.


          1. Aww… Don’t doubt yourself. Your posts are amazing and very detailed. I can only learn from you. But I know the feeling. I think it’s important for people to support and encourage each other.

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