#12 The Ball -‘Fit For A Superhero’

So in any major Hollywood movie that involves anything by the name of a wizard, elf, dragon, mythical mage, superhero or similar, you will find a huge battle. This battle is so epic that in order to save the world they must have a fight in a big built up area, typically New York or Hong Kong. This place gets destroyed, many thousands of people die, infrastructure collapses and vital emergency services are made redundant. It all seems terribly disproportionate, but I guess there is just no other way.

What also happens is that the bad guy and the good guy come face to face. Finally the moment has arrived! They throw their powers at each other! – whatever they may be – and do some serious face acting; straining face, furious anger face, sex face and the classic deep realisation that this-is-going-to-be-close face.

The immovable force versus the immovable object!

So much energy is compounded into the situation that even the victor (the good guy) looks dead. Usually lying in a heap while other supporting cast members worry for their fallen hero. All looks lost as his lifeless body lies motionless…

The hero eventually gets up and is back to normality in a very suspiciously short amount of time. Almost as if he was faking for attention… but for a moment there. You thought they were a goner.

Not that I’d ever want to come across as dramatic, but this was exactly the situation I found myself in at the ball last night. Figuratively, obviously. But it was the real deal, the whole shabang (never written that word before).

I was being broken down inside, the anxiety and the voices. My brain was New York City; the collateral damage in a war between normality and anxiety. I burned out all my energy in about 3 hours – which I thought was pretty good. That is pretty decent battle stamina.

Just like the victor in Hollywood, I too, was left in a motionless heap – also known as sleep – mentally and physically drained. But prior to that I had a great time, I was social and I wasn’t moody or cold. The anxiety stayed away, it tried. But it failed. I did have to make an excuse and leave everyones company for 20 minutes to recompose myself but apart from that, I did amazingly well. Granted I didn’t last as long as I hoped (we stayed 4 hours out of an 8 hour event) but I was myself and I kept the others at bay. Victory.

Now, I’d stop short of calling myself a super hero, I’ll leave you to make your own mind about that, but I do feel like I won the battle. I saved the city that is my brain and I live to fight another day.


P.S The Ball was spectacular, a real must see. But due to my on going anonymity I wont post any real pictures, however I did a quick google search for you. This is the ball.

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