#15 Comfort – ‘Deep in the zone’

You ever had that one friend who would do anything for you, literally anything, always got your back? But when you are around them, trouble seems to happen. You can be sat chatting in a bar one minute then the next it’s like a 1960s western movie. The table is broken suspiciously easily, there’s a guy sliding across the bar and the guy cheating at blackjack with a mechanical ace up his sleeve gets rumbled. But hey, they’ve always got your back. Not to mention you probably wouldn’t need them to have your back if they weren’t around in the first place. They are around though, and they want you to stay in the same town, same bar and grow old together doing the same things every weekend.

This friend is the ‘Comfort Zone’.

The last few days I have been deep in my comfort zone. I asked for space and time away from my girlfriend (we now share the same space once more), and in that time I’ve been doing easy jobs, which I’ve done for almost 2 years. I haven’t had to think or develop or grow or challenge myself. For that would require stepping outside of my comfort zone. And why would I do that? Its SO comfortable.

Comfort is ok. It is nice, mild, and lovely. But it is not really your friend, they are the lonely ones. They are the ones who need you. They are the ones who dont want to expand, grow, change or develop. We can be the ones who step outside, push boundaries and challenge ourselves. We are the brave ones.

So I took a break from pushing myself and growing. I retreated, I was scared even – what of exactly I am not sure. That happens from time to time, but today has been about reminding myself we are so much more than the sum of our comfort zones.

On Friday I will be stepping out of my comfort zone massively, for a new job I am doing. I know stepping outside will mean being terrified, anxious and nervous (as if I’m not already). One thing is for sure though, afterwards that little circle will expand just a little bit more. Leave the old town behind (metaphorically), leave the old bar behind (metaphorically) and the leave the old friend behind for a while (metaphorically). They will still be there when you get back, and so will I. See you tomorrow.


P.S Today is a late post because of the spending time with my girlfriend (see above).

UPDATE! Now my ex-girlfriend.


What did you make of that then?

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