#21 Basics – ‘Unfulfilled’

Success is a difficult thing to define. It is very relative and very personal. For instance people can do the same thing on the same day and it can be a success for one but not the other. You can be successful in anything you do. Having said those things I would not quite define today as ‘successful’.

Anyone who has done a management degree or a psychology degree (or just anyone who has walked passed a university) will know of a certain Mr Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs. In keeping with the values of this blog I will not post a picture of this very simple model, and instead explain it in a very unnecessarily complicated way.

It is a pyramid, of which self actualisation is at the pinnacle. And we all want to be at the top – don’t we? At the bottom of the pyramid are our physiological needs. In the middle there are ones no one ever remembers. And to put it simply we cannot move to the next level of needs until we fulfil our previous needs.

Today, I couldn’t even fulfil the most basic needs. The basic level should almost happen by default, in an adult life. In fact every basic living organism does this without even thinking. Breathe – check. Water – check. Food… and this is where I would hesitate to say today was a ‘success’.

Waking up 3 hours later than usual (still feeling approximately 1000kg), I sat starving for another 3 hours grumbling to myself that there was no food in my stomach, or in my fridge, or in my apartment at all. You will note that this discomfort was not so great as to force me to go to the store 46 meters away from my apartment. I had resigned myself to no breakfast, the world is against me, destined to be hungry forever. So you can imagine my dismay and surprise when I was leaving for work, reaching for my keys and in doing so, knocking over a full unopened box of cereal.

I do not know what I feel more disappointed in. The fact I went to work on an empty stomach or the fact that for today, I rank below almost every living organism in the natural world. Self actualisation, ’tis but a dream.


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  1. S. Hansen

    If not for the bakery (and their ham and cheese toasties) across the road from my flat this would have been me today. Though the ladies in there are beginning to look at me disapprovingly, like they think I’m in there far too often :/

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