#26 Sunshine – ‘Let There Be Life!’

You would assume that one quite lengthy blog post about the Sun and windows was enough for humanity, but no, there’s more. Well, not a lot more. But more. We have an important development, because we are now progressing from theory to practice*. Actual evidence coming in from the front line. The results are in and they look good.

So, today I woke up*, left my gloomy bedroom and trudged into a living room beaming with sunshine. The Sun poured through the medium sized windows like.. [simile goes here]. I literally gasped, then danced, and gasped a little more. It really does fill me with energy, and a positive feeling. To see the Sun beaming in for the first time in months; it lifted me immediately. I felt like a significantly friendlier version of the Superman 5 movie villain ‘Nuclear Man‘.

But before you rush off to watch the movie. I should say that the villain and the movie are much better at explaining how one can get energy from the Sun, than they are at being a good movie. It was actually described by numerous critics as being the worst superhero movie ever. In contrast to that, it currently ranks as the #379th best analogy ever*.

Theres an old proverb about the Sun which says;

No matter how tall the mountain, it cannot block the Sun. 

Which maybe true for mountains but, not so true for curtains. After months of anticipation, waiting for the life and energy giving qualities of the Sun to return. I finally sat there, in a beautiful moment. The Sun on my face, the warmth and the light lifting me with every second. Well 423 seconds to be precise. As that was exactly how long it lasted before I closed the curtains to stop the light reflecting off my laptop screen. Modern life and all that.


* If things continue in this manner, I will soon have to rebrand myself as a science blogger.

*Often happens.

*Alternative fact


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  1. Buffy Devane

    A shining moment to savour in the psyche, though, Mindfump… I also love me some solar sweetness, but not too much, being a child born in darkness — though happily not in a spiritual sense.

    [The ‘worst superhero film’ discussion continues to rage at Le Bistro de Buffy, with chums often making fun of my fondness for 1986’s ‘Howard the Duck’.]

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Buffy Devane

        Oh dear… well sadly I am unable to recommend the film: I am sadly biased by a childhood crush on the lead actress… plus I have the worst taste in movies of possibly any human in all creation.
        Some say it’s 108 minutes of your life you’ll never get back… but I can’t say if that’s true, as to be honest I’ve never timed it.
        [Here endeth the review.]

        Liked by 2 people

  2. S. Hansen

    Aww I liked Superman Quest For Peace. It was so cheesy it was good. But I am biased as very much firmly placed in the superman fan club (as opposed to batman booo). And I also have terrible taste in films, my favourite Batman film is apparently the worst one but I argue this, how can you not like a batman film with Schwarzenegger as Dr Fries, Uma Therman as Poison Ivy, George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell as Batman and Robin and to top it off Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl? (also so cheesy it was good).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mindfump

      Aw man when you lay it out like that there is so much cheese I just felt my cholesterol go up. Each to there own I suppose, although I never said I disliked the Superman film – those pesky cynical critics did. I am a huge fan of the original superman movies. Might even have a watch again tonight.

      Liked by 2 people

          1. S. Hansen

            Oh I hadn’t thought of that.
            And it would have to just be an affair you can’t make super babies. That’s one thing I did learn from that show. Though maybe that’d be a relief, I’m not responsible enough to look after myself never mind a baby, much less a baby that can fly…

            Liked by 2 people

          2. S. Hansen

            Well actually I haven’t even got the job yet and I’m worried about babies with a colleague…
            Is that not normal for anxiety. To think about all possible issues before they are even a possibility? Dang it, just when I thought there was something normal about me.

            Liked by 2 people

          3. S. Hansen

            I also apparently take surprise naps… So now this just seems like a really slow response.
            There’s definitely something to the theory that the most depressed people are often comedians… If you can’t make yourself happy at least make everyone else laugh.

            Liked by 2 people

          4. S. Hansen

            At what point does a nap turn into short sleep? Is there a specific unit of time? Who did this research? I’ll fight them on it. *waves fists energetically*
            I guess that’s what the ‘if you don’t laugh you’ll cry’ saying is for…

            Liked by 2 people

  3. Joonas Kopponen

    Had lovely amount of sun this morning too. 🙂 On my morning walk before breakfast! All hail the Sun!
    Ps: More alternative facts: Sun is the third brightest ball in America.

    Liked by 1 person

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