#29 Fun – ‘I’ve Been Caught’

Before I start, I should say that I have no children. 

But you know when you have a small kid, and you turn your back to do laundry just for a minute, and when you turn around again, they’re gone? Disappeared. You go looking, checking. You go into the living room to see if they’re watching TV, you check their bedroom to see if they’re playing with their toys. You even look outside in case they went out to play on their cute little bike. 

No sign of them anywhere. 

You go back in. Have a quick peek in the bathroom – nothing. You then decide to check the only room you haven’t been in, your bedroom. But they never go in your bedroom. You open the door to find out they have thrown your clothes around the room, painted the walls with make up and are currently playing frisbee with your rare, original press, Beatles vinyl. 

They don’t notice you immediately, their face is beaming. Loving life. This is the best day ever. Then they see you, their face drops quicker than the attendance of a university class by week 2 of the semester. They’ve been caught.

Today, I have been busy, driving around, visiting places, cooking, watching movies and having lots of fun. Then my blog had to come and find me, and remind me that I have a mental illness. My mental illness says ‘there you are! What on earth have you been doing!?’ – fun is clearly not permitted, and I have been caught.

The problem my brain has however, is that it’s now midnight, and time for a sleep. So the fun is over and the thinking will have to wait. Either way there is going to be a lot of mess to clean up tomorrow.


P.S Still working from a severally cracked phone and patchy internet. Art work and real posts to return in a couple of days. 


What did you make of that then?

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