#31 Magic – ‘In That Glass Box Thingy’

Today I am David Blaine, that American street magician man. He has done amazing stunts and amazing tricks with amazing sleight of hand. He has levitated! Caught a bullet in his teeth! Amazed hundreds of people on the streets! And even made Kanye West feel queasy. Amazing! What a wonderful feeling that must be Mindfump!

Naturally however, I am not that David Blaine. I am not the all singing, all dancing, spectacular! Mesmerising! David Blaine. I am the one who sat in a glass box in his underpants for a while, David Blaine.

I flew back today, back from England. It isn’t a long flight, but it is long enough. Especially when I have 300 strangers and my mind for company*. Today though, we left at 3am. Perfect – my mind hates being tired. I realised sometime ago, that my illness is actually quite lazy.

I knew I would be tired the whole day – exhausted even. And I am. But exhaustion is like my little David Blaine box thing. It is a holiday for me, a little break from the voices. I go in there all vulnerable, with glass walls, everyone can see me, I’m exhausted and I can’t do a lot. Despite it’s exposure and vulnerable setting however, nothing bad can really happen. A few kids might throw eggs at the box or a drunk guy might moon me, but I’m fine. Safe.

Naturally the downside to this exhaustion David Blaine box thing, is that… I’m in a box. I can’t do anything. Can’t be productive – I’m just too tired. You didn’t see David Blaine working on new scientific discoveries or volunteering at refugee camps while he was in the box, Did you? But he was in a box – what did you expect? The point is, being locked in an Exhaustion David Blaine Glass Safe Box, or EDBGSB for short, is as liberating as it is restricting.

So I am safe, as well as exhausted. But nothing can get me up here. Phew! However I am sat in my underpants and being lazy for everyone to see. The box will get lowered eventually, of that I am sure. In the meantime however, it has just started raining, so I am going to pick two rain drops on the glass and make them race each other – first one to the bottom of the glass wins! Productive.


*My girlfriend was also with me. Despite my lack of medical documents, I would have diagnosed her with the well known disease – ‘unconsciousness’.


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