#32 Life – ‘I Have Been Evicted!’

Whilst enjoying the calmness of my ‘Exhaustion David Blaine Glass Safe Box’ (EDBGSB) in the last 24 hours, I was startled today, by a knock on the glass. To my surprise. it was the local council officer from the Department of Life (DoL). Turns out my David Blaine glass box comfort zone didn’t have the required permit. The law states that if you are under mental stress and in need of a safe space, you must have one of two things;

  1. Money.
  2. More Money. 

And I don’t have either of those. So after thinking I had the whole weekend off, it turns out I didn’t. I can’t afford to turn down work, so out of the box I came and off to work I went. With all the enthusiasm of a small boy going to a 4 day International Symposium on Fungal Stress* with his dad.

I carried out my work with similar enthusiasm. The bare minimum of everything has been covered today, not one text message too many, not one email too far and the absolute minimum of conversations undertaken.

I’ve thankfully made it back now, climbed into the box and have submitted planning permission for; sound proof glass, a heater, a kitchen, some black out blinds and a toilet. You probably guessed I am aiming for the long haul. David Blaine managed 44 days in that box; I almost made it to 1. Attempted number 2 is currently underway…


*That actually exists.

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  1. S. Hansen

    The glass box sounds great, your planning ideas are fantastic. But those idiots at the Department of Life are miserable gits. They’ll probably deny all planning permission. Perhaps you could make an appeal to the Ministry of Low Enthusiasm though?

    Liked by 2 people

          1. S. Hansen

            Yes I was beginning to wonder if we were living parallel lives. You head off and have a jolly old time at the same time as I get visitors and have a jolly old time. Then we both get smacked back down by depression :/

            Liked by 2 people

  2. Joonas Kopponen

    I can’t get enough of your writing style. You are turning me into kind of a fan boy, this feels strange ane a bit scary yet nice. Love the plans for extra utilities. Also as always nice to watch the conversation between you and S. Hansen, always makes me at leasts smile if not outright glol. Hope I am not a hindering third wheel. =P

    Grandmother and grandfather are listening to such sad music I feel like a sad pandalobsterpuppybear whose who was kicked out to the street. O.o Music can affect.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Joonas Kopponen

        Yay. 🙂 I will keep the spirits up, soon going to the gym and then go out to eat! I had a stupid moment and ate quite a lot of chocolate thus I am incapacitated but will gather the strenght to go to the gym somehow. I tend to be a bit of a teddy bear like Jenni says, hope it helps others sometimes. 🙂


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