#33 Shower – ‘The Magical Fountain You Didn’t Know You Needed’

This mythical, yet commonly found instrument is underrated – or at minimum, misunderstood. It stands there idly in the home, as a lowly servant. It cleanses and cleans anyone who has access. But little do we know of its magical life giving powers. Humans have a deep innate knowing of this, but are cursed to never understand it. In much the same way a dog can always sense a ghost*.

See, yesterday I had a severe headache. Today I woke up in deep depression (it’s been a great weekend*). This is when the deep knowing of the shower comes into its own. For it was the shower, my saviour, who I turned to in my time of need. Depressed, weary and bed ridden, I say to myself ‘have a shower Mindfump, you’ll feel better after a shower’.

Naturally I attribute this spontaneous idea to some innate feeling or divine calling, the shower is obviously speaking to me. As opposed to me being obviously deluded by my naivety. As If I genuinely believe a shower is going to cure me of my ills, yesterday it is curing a headache. Today, it is tasked with curing my depression.

On a side note it says a lot about society when a person within that society is so desperate, so low, they try to substitute inaccessible professional level medical care (counselling, therapy, psychiatrists or medication) – for a shower.

Who knows maybe a shower will help or maybe it is just wishful thinking, or maybe it is just me just trying to trick myself into taking small steps. However I think it is fair to say I am not entirely convinced a shower can cure my depression  – but I am a lot cleaner.


*There’s no such thing as ghosts – or mythical showers for that matter.

*It hasn’t

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  1. bpdinformer

    Mindfump! I am exactly the same; showers definitely possess placebo life-giving qualities. Just standing there as all of the sins of the past few days wash symbolically down the drain and every so often tilting your head over to make sure that the last few dark thoughts have been purged from the corners of your mind. (Only to get out and find the power of the shower is wearing off already, darn it.)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Pink

    I don’t know if I always feel better after a shower. It is a GREAT place to cry and not be red and puffy afterwards. I feel like everything bad just washes down the drain. Wait, yes, I do always feel better after a shower.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Joonas Kopponen

    Shower indeed is one of the best places on earth! The loving stream of warm water flowing all over you in the most blissful way erasing all that is bad…


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