Brain Review: Excessively Me

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This brain has clearly been used. It is weathered and rough around the edges. You can see, here, along the central sulcus, the remnants of ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy). There is no telling what this brain was like before. Years of drug abuse and prescribed medications, coupled with aging, depression, and stress, have probably killed more neurons than there are visible stars in New York City. Scratch that. They’ve definitely killed more.

Although a little beaten up, this brain is actually functioning better than it ever has. Maybe those extra neurons were the problem. It is empathetic as always, perceptive, prone to great love, and clever. It can understand intricate scientific issues and also analyze the shit out of “Paradise Lost.” Its great goal in life is to help other brains who are in need by providing medical care as a nurse. It even carries a little stethoscope for inspiration. It is working hard toward this goal. 

It is analytical and oftentimes overly analytical. When the brain’s chemicals go haywire, anxiety or mania or depression or panic takes over. Sometimes it can grow so cold and dark in the brain that everything feels hopeless and it will attempt to destroy itself. Thus far it has not succeeded. At other times, it is so overheated that it cannot focus on a single thing. It bounces around from thought to thought at lightning speed. Still other moments are paralytic, as anxiety floods through it, quick to shut down useful functions and bolster the negative ones. There is no bear, brain. You do not need to fear a bear attack in Manhattan. 

It has served its owner well in many respects, but has almost killed her on a handful of occasions. What a lovable d*ck.
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  1. S. Hansen

    Sold! I’ll take any brain that can “analyze the shit out of ‘Paradise Lost'”.
    You’re positivity made me smile. And mine does the bear thing but with anacondas, something to do with being allowed to watch Anaconda at too young an age I think…

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