Brain Review: Mindfump.

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I received this brain as gift around 28 years ago. It is the second brain to be produced by my mother and father, their first brain has been a major success. Could the second live up to the hype?

Well, for the first 10 years or so it could. I would hesitate to say it was a really smart brain, but it did heavily contribute to me being awarded my 50 meter swimming badge at the youngest age in my school.

It is a very ’emotionally poor’ brain. When using this brain, you are likely to feel guilty when accepting presents or surprises, because the brain doesn’t seem to afford you any emotional currency. So to everyone else you look disinterested or ungrateful – or both. You are neither of these things, but appearance is everything.

One of the upsides of this lack of emotional currency is that you will find that you don’t cry very often. Nothing really makes you sad – although this brain has a weak spot for pride. You see someone being proud of someone else – it is time to get the tissues.

As you get older; this is where I really found the problem with this brain. Yes, you do get the creativity described in the advert but it seems to come at a cost. I don’t know if it is just a fault in my brain or all of these brains but I get huge bouts of depression and anxiety. These huge dark overbearing clouds follow me round like a balloon on a string. And not one of those happy balloons that looks like a disney character, an ugly one made of mercury and disappointment.

Maybe there are remnants over other users in my brain as I keep getting lots of conflict between what I think my personality is and what this brain actually allows me to do. This makes it really difficult to recommend, there are many good parts. The creativity is great, and the logical skills are right up there. However the vacuum of emotion is really what holds this brain back.


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