Brain Review: Waterfall Thoughts

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I received this brain almost 21 years ago now.

For the first 15 years or so it worked perfectly, better than I could’ve hoped for. Was constantly working overtime to give me everything I needed. Brilliant memory capacity, above and beyond with its imagination capabilities and generous happy setting.

Around the 16 / 17 year mark it started to develop a concerning tendency for switching on its self conscious mode without warning and getting stuck on that mode. I didn’t worry too much as I’m aware brains are a little unpredictable at this age and often fluctuate but then settle back to a comfortable setting.

Unfortunately this brain didn’t, and has only gotten worse. It now refuses to function normally in a morning and is prone to emitting extreme anxiety at this time rendering me completely useless and to be honest a bit of a wreck.brainscan

As well as this morning glitch it also has unpredictable periods of massive depression, this peaked in its 18th year almost causing me to cancel my contract completely. It also seems to have developed a virus that is almost sentient and separate from itself that manifests in a near constant background monologue of criticism and negativity. This has caused paranoia, debilitating loss of self worth, eradication of any form of confidence, very short lived but very intense bouts of irritability and a constant desire to hide away from people and life.

That said, in between these effects, it is still a very creative and imaginative brain and still has the capacity for intelligence, wit and an extraordinary love of life. It’s very empathetic and caring and often emits an almost childlike joy for life’s simple pleasures. It’s love, loyalty and caring settings also work without a glitch.

I think with the right virus software to reduce its out of character tendencies this brain would be, not perfect, but imperfect in the most beautiful way.

I would recommend this brain for a person with strong character and a strong sense of self to allow you to work around it’s more negative aspects.

Overall I would give it a 3 out of 5 star rating.



What did you make of that then?

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