#34 Animals – ‘Dealing With Problems’

Animal domestication began in the late and last Pleistocene epoch*, they help us, with their comfort and kindness. Or in the case of cats do absolutely whatever they want, whenever they want. They’re not so much a domesticated animal, as they are a home sharer.

See the cat will be quite happy roaming the house, often unnoticed, and alone. It can be kind, but it can also turn and scratch your entire face off. Something it knows very well. This is why the cat is a synonym for depression*. Although depression is significantly less cute than a cat.

Despite there being a cat in my life today that is not the animal which is bothering me most.

The animal which is causing most trouble today is the humble Mole. This animal cannot be domesticated – nor would you want to really, I mean it’s a mole. So because it can’t be domesticated, keen eyed readers will realise that means this animal represents something not in my head.


Like the cat, the mole goes unnoticed a lot of the time. I’m sure we all know it’s there – we’re just not quite sure where. We also never know when it will rear its lovely head. Moles are; money problems, job problems, living problems and relationship problems.

Moles aren’t a problem until they start ruining your daffodils and today that is exactly what they did. I’ve been having money problems for a long while, entirely my own making. Not because I’ve been on any spending sprees but moving out of the UK cost a lot and my job pays not a lot. My maths isn’t great* but borrowing lots of money to do something which doesn’t give a good return, isn’t great business.

This is stressful, as there are so many moles coming up at the same time that they’re forming what seems to be a mountain. My daffodils are ruined and I’ve got a garden party planned for Saturday. I’ll have to tend to them for the next few days and get Those huge mole hills out of sight. Which I will. I intend to have a fabulous garden party and you’re all invited. 

Ok, so the moles have popped their head up and I’ll have to deal with them – and I will. Everything will be fine, there’s no need to panic, life goes on. I wouldn’t want to make a mountain out of a mole hill or anything.


*Or in other words over 12,000 years ago.

*Just made that up.

*this will be a catchphrase, I swear.


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  1. fensterbester

    Been trying to tally up the actual cost of trying to maintain a normal life, a mountain of medical bills (ha!) and the responsible things I spend money on to stay sane.

    I’m bleeding money too. It doesn’t help with the brain. All else fails, move to a third world country – healthcare isn’t free, but the exchange might save you!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. bipolarsojourner

    i caught one of those buggers in my dream the other night. i was investigating mole mounds throughout my yard. i saw a mound moving as if it were currently active. i when to explore. as i was looking down, the little bugger popped up again. i clapped my hands together and caught the little fella. i bet he wishes he when to another hole…then i woke up.

    Liked by 2 people

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