Brain Review: Shilheneth

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This brain came into the world a bit over 22 years ago, it started out very curious, determined, focused, empathetic, intelligent, observant, perceptive and full of energy and ideas. Overall a really great brain. If you like to think about brains with the IQ idea, it was considered genius.
In time it started to become more chaotic, focusing on irrelevant things. Deep things that require a lot of ‘brain power’, but irrelevant to any current situation, and life. It got worse when the brain was introduced to puberty. Then the brain went into total overdrive, first it was a good thing, the brain was able to process so much. It then became more and more chaotic. It split into multiple versions of itself too, became very very hard to control. The overdrive lasted for years, it came close to total meltdown.
After the burn out, it was introduced to loads of chemicals that it wasn’t supposed to be introduced to. This meant it barely worked for years, now it’s recovering and slowly becoming more and more like it used to be. It still drifts off to think about irrelevant things and is not very good at focusing anymore, but that is ok. It gives the brain more time to recover and grow. This time the ‘growth’ is happening more slowly and hopefully the brain will never go into overdrive again, and becomes a very useful brain for good.
I would recommend extreme caution when using this brain, as there are still so many risks, but also potential even in the state of its recovery.  However it is my brain and I have begun to love it despite it’s faults, and I doubt anyone could pay me enough to part with it. I give it 4.3 stars, it is not perfect, no brain is.

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  1. Joonas Kopponen

    Post scriptum: Additional warnings on the use of this brain, found out through recent studies on the subject. May also include extreme emotions from one extreme to another, getting easily excited about things, even more cases of worrying about everyone, the occasional mania- like behaviour, the occasional depression, the occasional occasional. This brain turned out to be more wild than first being given credit for. Previous analysis still stands, new information just must be taken into account before using this brain.

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