Brain Review: The BDP Informer

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My current model is around twenty three years old now, and the Grey Matter™ has been slowly blackening over the years so it’s pretty much saturated in the dark goop now.

I’m surprised it has lasted this long to be honest, and despite the usual cell-replacing every seven years, it seems to be struggling a lot at the moment with the amount of processes I’m trying to run simultaneously.

After a few glitches over the years it’s started automatically running ‘Insomnia Version 2’ again which is annoying to say the least, especially as I was already running the ‘Over Think Everything’ system.

It nearly destroyed itself a few times so I ended up taking it to a professional Brain Technician and they confirmed that I had some pretty serious malware problems.

However, despite accidentally installing the ‘Borderline Personality Disorder Pro’ malware a few years back, it’s still managing to chug on and complete most daily tasks with relatively no problems.

It’s even managed to keep up with the ‘Creativity Endeavour Suite’, which is great! I’m a big fan of the ‘Illustration’ subsection and while the ‘Motivation’ and ‘Self-Confidence’ plugins may run intermittently it’s still an interesting and worthwhile program.


As you can see from the Brain Scan image – there are a few faulty and underdeveloped hardware pieces that could do with replacing, but it’s not an easy task and very time-consuming.

I’m hoping that in the future I will be able to completely strip-out this model and re-build it with bigger and better parts. I really like the outer-casing (I’m a bit sentimental towards it) but I’d rather gut out it’s innards entirely and get some shiny new processors like ‘Self-Compassion 2.0’ and eventually fill up the empty ‘Sense of Self Node’.

Just a word of warning, if you do for some reason end up running ‘BPD Pro’ malware, then I suggest trying to run some antivirus software as often as possible.

Some programs I’ve found useful are: ‘BloggingThePainAway 4.0’ and the good old ‘Creativity Endeavour Suite’.

All in all, this model needs some serious TLC but I hope to sort it all out eventually!
Twitter: @thebpdinformer
Instagram: @rauillustration

Must watch: Bonus Video!



      1. fensterbester

        It’s kind of liberating to acknowledge in front of strangers that your brain may or may not be a total mess.
        That being said, loving the reviews. I hate that people are ill; I wish that on no one. But it is nice to feel part of a weird-brain community.

        Liked by 2 people

  1. australiancarer

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your brain review. I like your brain’s creative thinking! As your programming experience grows with age, those plugins will begin to automatically activate. Awesome artwork too – the video was a great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

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