Brain Review: Yankydoodledoo~

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Approximately 23 years ago, I was able to receive this brain as a gift. It’s got a selective photographic memory, and sometimes audiovisual memory. The brain consumes around 33% of my head. It’s composed of 38% male thinking and 62% female thinking. It’s both creative and logical, and less emotional.

The brain is literally the control room of the whole body, as it commands everything, including emotions. The best part is it can positively react to a heart-breaking situation by completely shutting off the emotional powerhouse. It can shift from a normal human brain to total robotic brain.

The only downside to it is that because it’s too powerful, one negative comment to the whole system, everything is in a state of calamity. Although the façade looks normal, and always “business as usual,” the whole system management inside is crumbling and probably needing reorganization.

But since its motto is efficiency and effectivity, it always resort to things that will effectively execute its daily functions in the most efficient manner.

I don’t think I can recommend my brain to anyone, because its power is beyond imagination. It helps the user be ambidextrous. It also gives the user a creative spatial ability. It has been proven when I tried braiding my hair with complicated styles. It’s also good at Mathematics and Sciences. In fact, it helped the user during exams. While it is very convenient to have, it’s a scary brain as it rules the whole body.

I’ll rate my brain 3.7 out of 5.
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