Brain Review: Minderland

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I purchased this brain 28 years ago. For the first 6 years I wasn’t aware of it and didn’t take in to consideration how powerful it was. For the first 16 years this brain worked perfectly, but then it became overloaded with all the information and commands. It started to act out, developed depression and it didn’t complete the required tasks. At first I thought I will have to take it back, but I gave it a chance and started my own mechanical work on it.

By 24 years of existence it started to improve and the problem of depression was solved. After many years of hard work and the brain adapting to my physical body it finally started working as stated in the description.

This brain is very positive, does show some wear and tear from depression and disappointments, slight problem with memory and high levels of anxiety. This brain made me a stronger person and my physical appearance happier. Below is a description of what is included in this complicated, but lovely brain:

  • Memory- capacity is quite large, it does struggle to remember sometimes, but this can be solved by a fancy reminder note book.
  • Intuition– is very high and sometimes scary. It doesn’t occur often.
  • Anxiety– very bad and annoying sometimes, when this occurs I do breathing and listen to relaxing music.
  • Positivity– very positive which helps when bad days strike.
  • Depression– some signs of depression, but currently no major works required.
  • Imagination– good imagination, sometimes better than the reality.
  • Art– very artistic, it struggles to stay motivated for it, but that can be easily solved by staying motivated.
  • Negativity– very little negativity is present in this brain no matter how bad the situation.
  • Passion– very passionate about life and the things this brain comes up with.


I would definitely recommend this brain to someone who wants to be positive, loving, caring and passionate about life. This brain is very easy to function, but does require some minor works to keep it working and to stop it from braking down.

I give this brain 4* out if 5*.

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Facebook: Minderland




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