Brain Review: Chicken Risotto

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I bought this brain a while ago now, and I have to say, I am mostly very pleased with it.

The processing speed is fantastic, it’s very fast, and able to do lots of complex things simultaneously. It can read incredibly quickly and is good at maths.

The memory capacity is excellent. Over the years I have stored all sorts of useless data on the hard drive, it has never lost any information and is usually able to recall it when required. It is able to pay close attention to detail and can concentrate for long periods of time.

The outer casing seems pretty indestructible. It’s taken a fair few knocks, and fallen onto hard concrete once or twice, but it was easy to repair and there doesn’t seem to be any lasting damage.

It functions well in most situations, it is analytical and very reliable. Using this brain has allowed me to work hard, be quick-witted and  I can rely on it to find a solution to most problems.

It does have a few drawbacks though. It takes a long time to charge.  Social interaction really drains the battery, and it often needs several days alone to fully re-charge. Also, over the last couple of years it has developed an error which I cannot fix.  It has become highly sensitive to food – it closely regulates exactly the number of calories I consume and is prone to uncontrollable high anxiety and panic if I try to defy it. This brain works best when it has set routines it can follow, and can become a bit unpredictable if those routines are changed.

So I’ll admit, it’s not a perfect brain, perhaps I should have gone for a top-of-the-range model, but overall it serves me pretty well. I have learnt to work around most of its foibles, and I am planning on downloading some software to fix the food error. Hopefully then it will return to being the hard-working, loyal brain that I know and love.

4 stars!
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