Brain Review: Pink

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This brain was given to me almost 38 years ago (gasp!).  This brain is made up of tons of emotion, very little reason, lots and lots of creativity with a bit of artistic talent, the capacity for gigantic love but also the capacity for giant anger, little to no capacity for solving mathematical equations, a small capacity allocated for anxiety, and a large portion dedicated solely to depression.

This brain started out quite happy.  It always possessed to ability to look at life as a great and magical thing, full of hope and endless possibility.  It saw the world as a canvas to paint on. It came to love many people throughout its time here.  It has the capacity to view life with wide open eyes and optimism at new and exciting experiences.

Over the years however it began to deteriorate.  This brain was weakened by the trials and tribulations of life, a life of love lacking, a life of mental abuse, a life of inability to solve problems or make situations better.  This brain retreated in on itself.  It found heartache and disappointment in so many others that it thought it might be better off alone.  This brain is prone to anxiety attacks which manifest in the form of being unable to solve seemingly simple problems.  It is also prone to soul crushing bouts of depression that make it rather immobile at times.  If you’re looking for a brain to keep you motivated, this is not the brain for you.  Additionally, no matter how much attention is given to this brain, it will never be enough.

I’d give this brain 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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