#44 Life – ‘The Wheel of Fortune’

Probability plays a huge part in our life – probably. Humans like to think, in their arrogance, that they are in full control of their own decisions, when in reality we are very easily led and easy to manipulate. This shouldn’t really come as any surprise as marketers don’t spend billions every year for no reason. In fact, marketing departments invest more in persuasion research than any other organisation*.

See, I like to think my favourite football team is Hartlepool United because we were always meant to be together. In reality though, I happened to be raised in a certain part of England with a Dad who likes football. Rather much like some religious folk who believe their God is the right God, as opposed to the God taught to them in a specific geographic location and at a specific time. I suspect if the population of the US happened to grow up in Greece* 2,500 years ago, their religious denominations may be slightly different.

So there we go, undeniable proof that things we think we choose are in fact chosen for us.

OK, so as an adult we have knowledge of this, which means we can change it. Or at least manage it. For instance, if I was to spend a day at a Trump rally, I suspect my mood would be different from if I spent the day sand papering my arm pits. One of those situations would be slightly more enjoyable and have a better chance of moving humanity forward than the other. I shall leave you, the reader, to decide which situation that may be.

Again, there we go. Unquestionable proof that we can manage the probability of having certain emotions.

And this is what I do. I manage my environments meticulously. I decided when, where and what I eat. I decide my company and when I am in that company. I decide when to watch the news and when not to watch the news. I decide what books to read and what films to watch. All in the search of a balanced emotional state. This decision process is always in flux, it changes each day. Some days I can handle political news, other days I can’t. Some days I can be very social and feel good, other days I could die from anxiety.

It is emotional management.

The problem comes when I lose control, like this weekend for instance. My girlfriend’s best friends are visiting and I can no longer have total control over where I am, who I am with, what we do and how long we do it for. That doesn’t mean I will have a bad time emotionally. It just obviously means I am strapped to the Wheel of Fortune wheel spinning uncontrollably fast, and the only way to decide which segment will win is by throwing a knife at it, while blind folded – by someone who despises me.

It is fair to say then that I have been feeling extremely vulnerable the last couple of days. But, I’ve avoided the mines and the knives so far, although I am a little dizzy from the spinning. Miraculously though, I am happy. To put that another way; statistically I had more chance of spontaneously turning into a pink lemon*.


*Sounds about right, but I have zero actual evidence.

*Which would be weird. I mean, talk about mass time travel migration.

*Not true.


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  1. S. Hansen

    Derren Brown is another one of those people who can really prove your point about our easily manipulated minds.
    I’m telling you though, this flu of yours is staving off the symptoms of depression. You are killing it while the flu slowly kills you…

    Liked by 1 person

          1. S. Hansen

            Well that would be nice, but you should definitely make sure it’s filmed to make sure he doesn’t do anything naughty…
            Completely different topic… I have accidentally given my number to a work acquaintance because of my social anxiety… I’m not even sure of their name…

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Amused and Bemused Blog

    This made me laugh and nod in equal measure.
    We are a product of our environment for sure. I’m a Scot and Rangers fan, but my son likes Man City & Oxford United as he is brought up here.
    He still supports Scotland when we are playing though. 😉
    Great read and I’m off to sandpaper my armpits.


  3. Phil Ryan

    I know little of football or it’s dark arts but, one soggy Tuesday in the 80’s, while lost in the north, I took a wrong turn at the Stockton gyratory and ended up at Victoria Park where I alighted to try and find some ducks to feed. I was caught up in a crowd swarming towards a patch of green, through a turnstile, and spent the evening cheering on the ‘Pool’ as they were dispatched into a particularly rancid one by the might of Accrington Week on Thursday in a Ronseal all weather cup tie. Had the game been played 48 hours later who knows what might have happened but I’ve had a soft spot for Thursday’s ever since. Erm…
    sorry, nice post 🙂


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