Brain Review: 1Wise-Woman

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This particular brain is 49 years old. It came with a full scan attached with dynamic colors illuminating the various constructs that were working well, or not. It is vibrant and static in places but at the same time erratic and flickering. It looks like it could enhance my living experience… variety is the spice of life and all.

It has blessed me with the ability to see, recognize and appreciate the little things that go unnoticed by many. Amplifying sight, sound, sensation, beauty, kindness, softness and sensitivity.  That vibrancy follows me daily, increasing my compassion and sensitivity to all that is beautiful, peaceful and quiet in the world. An understanding and empathy towards all beings that I cling to, as a most sacred treasure.

These gifts, however, come with a price. My brain has no filter. For all of the wonders that it affords, it also showers me with all that is painful, frightening, heartbreaking and sad. Without the sun, there is no shadow. And the shadows become too big at times. I’m willing to carry those darker hues, muddled up in all that color, embracing every tone with equal admiration.

The uniqueness of my brain allows me to see, hear, absorb, and feel everything. My brains ability to be aware of that fact is what makes it unique. The power and strength that it has forced me to inherit are immeasurable. It is my victory.

I recommend my brain… but reluctantly and with caution. The shadows are strong and heavy. But the light always ends up shining through. Anyone that selects my brain must be on constant alert for the shadows and be sure to stay on guard for those times when the dark tries to overtake the light.  And fight.


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    1. Jessica

      Great review! You sound like a highly sensitive person (HSP) like myself. Do you tend to pick up on the emotions of others easily as well? It’s great that the light always outshines the shadows. Keep up the fight. 😊

      Liked by 2 people

      1. 1Wise-Woman

        Thank you and yes, I am most definitely a highly sensitive person! I think it comes with the territory… having mental health issues for such a long time has made me more sensitive to everything, both the good and the bad. Thanks for reading!

        Liked by 1 person

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