Brain Review: Morgan Larsen

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This brain has great capacity for love, empathy, and emotions. It is fragile, and should be handled with care, as it can easily be hurt. But if you take good care of it and treat it right, I promise you that this brain will reward you with deep love and passion.

It is, however lacking in focus. I find it hard to get anything done with this brain. Too much of it’s storage space is used up with song lyrics and meaningless facts. When testing, this brain tends to sing songs instead of recalling very important, learned facts. Under pressure, it has a bad habit of freezing and is difficult to restart. But when it does focus, there is room for nothing else at the moment. However, this brain has a tendency to focus on the negative and can result in thoughts of pessimism. This brain also tends to focus on hurt feelings and needs to be constantly reminded about the people who love you.

But if you’re looking for a brain that will never stop fighting for you, then this is the brain for you. No matter how bad the situation gets, this brain will not stop fighting to shower you with love and hope. It may lack focus, but it’s got a lot of redeeming qualities, such as a deep love for life and an eagerness to constantly improve.

Morgan Larsen


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