#47 Science – ‘And The Source of Headaches’

There are not a lot of constants in life, and after a short think you will pretty much boil them down to; ‘change’ and ‘the stupidity of man’. In my life however, there is a 3rd constant; having a headache. The humble headache is split into two categories, Primary and Secondary. Primary is the most common and least serious, and Secondary headaches are the opposite of that. 90% of headaches are Primary and approximately 22% of adults experience them. Knowledgable readers among you may have noticed that that is lower than the rate of adults experiencing a depressive episode (25%) – Who knew.

Oh, forgive me. How could I forgot the fourth constant? If you pull a silly face in the wind your face will be stuck in that position forever.

Thankfully I have never pulled a silly face in the wind, but I must have done something in my childhood to cause these constant headaches. I suspect in the future there will be a major scientific discovery that finally unravels the source of the regularly occurring headache. Could it be that I once got brain freeze whilst looking in a southerly direction on a Monday? Or maybe the constant headaches are caused if you sit on the couch upside down, head hanging over the edge, in protest at having to watch Heartbeat* – on a Sunday, when you are a child. Or just anything else that shifts the responsibility away from me as an adult.

Whatever the cause, the headaches are here now, and they are here to stay. So that brings us to the management phase.

As you know, the self-management of any illness involves checking online for symptoms, followed by an immediately unwarranted panic attack thinking you will die instantly from a brain aneurism. And this was my day. Sprinkle in a lack of productivity, and you have the full picture. I won’t be watching Heartbeat tonight though – it is Monday afterall, but I do want an ice cream. Don’t worry, I have my Anti-Brain Freeze Ice Cream Compass (ABFICC) with me to ensure I never look south when eating.


*And that was the last programme before bed, or to put it another way, the last programme before school the next day. It is a cruel, cruel world.


Read more, its good for you.

Thank you – Milestone Achieved!

#39 Mania – ‘Successfully Arrived in La La Land’

Guest Post by My Girlfriend: In A Relationship With Mental Illness


  1. 1Wise-Woman

    It’s great that you can take a humorous approach, I wish I could. I tend to go with the pity party attitude. I always have a headache, most of the time it’s just my normal. But recently it’s been worse (migraine) and it doesn’t want to go away. I’m sure that it’s punishment for some unknown sin I have committed. Either that or I was some very evil person in a past life and now suffer the consequences. Perhaps I need some ice cream 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mindfump

      I know what you mean about it becoming the norm. I see wake up and expect it. In fact if I don’t have one, I feel like I can suddenly do anything. Ice cream sounds good though, just don’t get brain freeze while facing south!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. S. Hansen

        Geez I don’t know why it takes scientists so long to figure these things out…
        Or are we just that good at scientific research?
        Also this is a new (not new but just reminded me) feature for the adventures of Captain Mindfump and Editor Hansen!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. S. Hansen

            I’m thinking we should bide our time and hold out for a deal with Netflix. It’s the way forward, people like to binge watch these days and Netflix gives more creative freedom.
            We don’t want anyone ruining the work of art that it clearly is already…

            Liked by 1 person

  2. cherished79

    You are creative with your words. BTW, have you heard of the IceKap? This is a soft material which looks like a helmet and you stuff mini ice packs in and around the cap. I am skeptical with anything advertising new products for migraines, however, I looked at reviews, which were positive and finally decided to order one. It arrived last Friday and I’ve used it 3X for bad migraines, and geez it really helps with the pain. Just letting you know (I’m not selling these), but I have chronic migraines and if anything helps with pain instead of meds it’s worth a try. I got mine via Costco $69.00

    Liked by 1 person

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