#48 Vandalism – ‘And The Greatest Artist Who Ever Lived’

If you ever find yourself asking ‘is this the way to Amarillo?’ you will either be looking for a woman named Marie or for Cadillac Ranch. And given that you probably don’t know anyone by the name of Marie in Amarillo, it is probably the latter. Unbelievably though, Cadillac Ranch is not a ranch, but an art installation. It is a series of 10 cars, Cadillacs would you believe, buried in the ground nose first. It is quite the sight, to see 10 cars standing vertically like monuments, all in a row. And, the thing to do when you visit Cadillac Ranch? Spray paint all over them – it is an interactive piece of art.

I have been the Cadillac Ranch twice in my life.

Having been told my whole life that vandalising is wrong and you shouldn’t spray paint things*. I suddenly found myself in a position where it was not only legal, but encouraged. I had imagined myself as a post modern Banksy, sticking it to the political machine, with roaring colours, drawing in visitors from all over the world. They would come and marvel at my deft, subtle but beautiful art work. Changing the medium of graffiti forever.

In reality, I just sprayed ‘Mindfump was ere’ 2k16‘, well to be completely honest, I actually wrote ‘Here‘, I had to cross out the ‘H’, because everyone knows spelling things correctly is not kool*.

Today is another day off, in fact it has now been 4 days off in 5. Something which is unheard of for me. Granted 3 of those were for sickness, but today was a genuine, normal day off. No work and no commitments (and not even a headache).

I had spent all my working days, those endless weeks of no days off, imagining what I would do with that time. The wrongs I could right in the world, the creative endeavors I could fulfil. Oh time; my new best friend. What we could do together. I could follow my passions; writing, drawing, creating! I could protest, petition, march, volunteer, save small animals from destroyed habitats, help old people cross the road, I could do any of these things and more!

In reality, I woke up at midday, sat in my pants for another couple of hours watching YouTube videos, remembered I have to do laundry and now need to get ready because I’m meeting my girlfriend soon.

OK, so I didn’t quite make full use of my opportunity. But it was just what I needed; a break. Now I am recharged and ready to face the world. Plus I can do all that stuff sha la la la la la la la later, sweet productivity will have to wait for me.


*That you do not own.

*That is not true, spelling things correctly greatly enhances its readability.


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          1. S. Hansen

            Awesome. I really need to go to Vienna so time. I love museums of all kinds. Except that time when I went to the museum of science in London and I couldn’t find anything I didn’t know before in the space exhibit 😦
            It was a pretty lacking exhibit.

            Liked by 1 person

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