Brain Review: Richard Mackay

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After being given this brain at birth by my parents, it has served me well for a number of years, probably around 35 as it’s difficult to tell exactly but after then it’s caused quite a bit of trouble.

The brain is average size, possessing above average intelligence, great storage and an analytical side that gets to the bottom of things quickly. All things being equal, this was shaping up for one sweet ride. Educationally, an underachiever but the intelligence and drive was there to be a success, ability to learn every day is strong. That improved through the years too.

Emotionally, the brain is very unpredictable and has taken great strides over the years to protect itself from the more extreme feelings encountered. The three parts – reptillian, limbic and neocortex all get along well with each other in the beginning, even through the difficult puberty stage, where the neocortex fell out completely with the reptillian and in again to cause havoc. Still, I believe the girls had a great time as a result, although I can’t say the bravado improved my looks at all.

In the past 13 years or so, we ran into increasing problems. The external pressures put on the brain became too much and despite changing pace, the brain just about shut down in a self destructive pattern. After some intervention from the female partner brain, some brain food was applied which allowed the brain to carry on functioning for about another year.

This probably was about another year too far without some serious servicing and again, the brain almost stopped working to any great degree. Still high functioning, but not as quick nor as incisive as previously shown, data retrieval was damaged to a large degree. We have now rested the brain from active duty for a few months and working through a path of restoration to bring it back up to working speed again, which is going well so far.

With care and attention, it will be serviceable again to me and a number of years left in it. The key with brains is small maintenance over the years, with care shown at all times and manage stress or it can come right back and hit you hard when you don’t expect it, causing a lot of damage on the way.

Recommended but not for the faint hearted as a lot of work is needed.

Look after this brain and it will look after you.

Richard Mackay
Twitter: @themabozza

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