Guest Post by Fensterbester: A Brain Review Analysis

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The Brain Review was established to review existing Brain Models with the “mentally ill” plug-in in terms of function and dysfunction. Of course, all users have their own sets of criteria, but from avid reading by a hard-core fan girl of Mindfump, a trend was quickly noticed.

In general, all contributors rated their brains relatively high, with an average of 2.92/5 stars – not bad for a bunch of malfunctioning units! It also quickly discovered some common traits. To accurately and reproducibly present information, a data mining procedure was stared (also known as “profuse stalking”).

I am not saying these units do not have their problems, but a staggering 87.5% of users listed “Great Memory” or “Intellect” BD (before dysfunction) as a trait.  And although only 62.5% of users listed “Creativity”, it can be argued by the quality of all writing indicates a much higher value of around 99.5%. A whopping 68.8% of users listed “Kindness” and/ or “Empathy” as a positive trait (the facts have been checked by our auditors and they are indeed correct: “Kindness” is a virtue). Although no-one listed it on a review explicitly, the number of users with a great sense of dry and dark humor was also high in the opinion of the review panel.

The conclusion is the users that have thus far submitted their reviews all have a reason to be very proud of themselves, even though I suspect about all of them (bar the few currently set in “Mania Mode”) may disagree. They seem a witty lot, with much to offer society; even if not in the conventionally accepted ways. The main auditor is slightly disappointed that she would not have the opportunity to invite the participants to a dinner. She believes it would a marvelous evening, even if a tad socially awkward with some random bouts of panic. At least off guests would be completely comfortable with such events.


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  1. S. Hansen

    Hahaha, just imagining the idea of a group of socially anxious people meeting for the first time to have dinner. So many awkward silences… And alcohol as a social lubricant isn’t exactly an option because no doubt half the group would be on anti depressants that shouldn’t be combined with alcohol…
    Though once the awkwardness passed I’m sure you’re right that it’d be a wonderful evening had by all sort of scenario.
    Also some interesting statistics, hadn’t really considered collating all that stuff before. Nice one.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. S. Hansen

        I do love a good BBQ. My family lived in the Mediterranean for a while so BBQ is kind of our thing… 😛
        The best bit about BBQs is that there’s coals to toast marshmallows over… that’s always excellent for getting a good conversation going.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. S. Hansen

            Oh no no no, my heart won’t allow it. No depressing through the window barbecue affair for my mental health buddies. We’re meant to be uplifting spirits here Mindfump not squashing them.

            Liked by 1 person

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