Brain Review: NI2M

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This brain that I call mine is coming up to 19 years old and it has been through a lot of wear and tear over the years, multiple times it has had to be repaired through therapy. Can’t complain though, as damaged as it is, it’s very high functioning and has come back from repair with upgrades that make it smarter and tougher than before, I would say my brain is now currently Brain version 4.0. 

Sometimes my brain seems better suited to someone beyond my years because this brain has a way of embarking wisdom and sensibility that a teenage brain should not know. As a product, this brain works at its best when dealing with words (seriously it can come up with a 100 word story about a stapler) 

If you want to work with this brain its best to work at night as that is when my brain is at its peak performance. Instead of resting in bed it can come up with debates and theories for all sorts of unanswerable questions such as “What is the meaning of life?” Or “What would have happened in an alternate universe where you asked the question you wanted to in class but didn’t because you were too scared?” 

This particular brain needs two types of medication to function properly. Fluoxetine (Prozac) 20mg, this special organ is susceptible to a virus called Depression so I need a monthly subscription to the fluoxetine firewall to protect it but it does need to be backed up with the medication program Lamotrogine (25mg) to slow down the highs and mood changes of the Borderline Personality Disorder this brain has developed. 

Overall, I would say that this brain, while it requires a lot of repairs, boosts and updates it is worth purchasing if you need a brain that will allow you to stay up late working or partying or perhaps want a brain to help you finish that story you want to write. In summary if you can put up with the extra care that it needs, you’re all set and this brain will be your buddy for life.

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