Brain Review: Some Organised Chaos

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I received my brain 20 years ago and, while initially pleased with my purchase, it started to malfunction pretty quickly. Overload from circumstances it was exposed to caused it to become reclusive and depressive in order to process the information it was being given. As all of its processing power was focused on this it failed to develop socially at the average rate, resulting in faulty social skills, low battery life and an overdeveloped fight-or-flight response. From an early stage it also struggled to differentiate between what was real and what wasn’t, which later developed into hallucinations and paranoia.

If you’re looking for an individual brain then this one comes highly recommended from medical experts, who are currently describing it as “a medical anomaly”! It’s highly sensitive, prone to jump to conclusions and often struggles to connect to the Reality Network.

However, these faults aren’t all negative. It’s creative and often uses its maladaptive daydreaming to create rich fantasy worlds which it then enjoys writing about. It often hallucinates classical music that greatly entertains the owner. Its ability to detach from its emotional core can also be a very useful feature when giving life advice to friends and family.

Despite the malfunctions the brain has also created deep and lasting friendships (although it often needs outside assistance in maintaining these), manages to hold down a job that this current owner finds fulfilling and highly enjoyable, and has recently found love for the first time.

Overall I would call this a brain with great potential and, with a little help from medications and those it trusts, it may one day go on to achieve great things.

I would give this brain 3 ½ stars.

Some Organised Chaos
Twitter: @ChaosSome

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