Brain Review: MK Nature Design

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This brain is overly optimistic and always sees the positive in everything.  So much so that it rarely speaks about how they are truly feeling.  It remembers equations well but not names or numbers.  It is a scientific brain.  It remembers with the help of pictures and actions.  It is always striving to do good.  It is gullible and always tries to see the good in people.  But at the same time it is wary and paranoid.  It doesn’t trust easily.  Sometimes it clicks with some people and then trusts too easily and talks about everything.  It loses itself completely while painting and drawing.  It cannot think quickly if stressed.  It has to think over things to come to a decision.  It gets tired and confused easily.  It is calm when stressed and can do phenomenal things like driving even when extremely stressed.

Good – strives to do good and see the good in all.

Bad – paranoid and finds it hard to trust people.

Unique Selling Point – CALM in times of stress (is it the pills?).

I would recommend this brain but it gets tired and confused easy.

MK Nature Design
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