Brain Review: Crazy Seeds

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I bought this brain around 17 years ago and I must say that the memory storage is impeccable. This brain stores everything that it downloads, automatically. The brain’s favorite things to store are traumatic events that it processes. This brain has a large portion of its storage taken up by misophonia, depression, post traumatic stress and anorexia. This brain gives me an error message quite often when it processes the topics of food, size, chewing, drinking and noises, which is fairly irritating and that is why I had to take off a few stars on the rating of this brain.

One of the brain’s favorite things to download are horror movies which it likes to play in the dark when I’m asleep. I don’t particularly enjoy horror movies, but if you like horror movies, you would definitely enjoy this brain. My mother has struggled with this brain because she gets frustrated with how it works quite often and likes to say things that make the brain process sad emotions.

One of my favorite things to do with this brain is process platonic love that is shared by other brains and I process this idea so frequently that sometimes the brain shuts down or processes sad emotions with the idea of losing its connection with the other brain. I appreciate that this brain constantly takes loaded flash drives of knowledge and sometimes gets an extra charge when it downloads topics relating to science; particularly physics and chemistry.

However, quite frequently, this brain will randomly start playing a video of a girl’s suicide that I had to process on it. This pop up is typically triggered if something it processes has too loud of a volume such as a fire alarm. Another pop up that frequently pops up pertains to severe physical, verbal and sexual abuse that have put a little bit of wear and tear on the brain. Overall, this brain has a good storage, but has some annoying pop ups and errors which is worth it if you enjoy horror movies.

Crazy Seeds
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