Brain Review: Cairtheand

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I like to think my brain got randomly dumped into my head as I developed in the womb. I feel as though this particular brain had already seen some action, and was possibly purchased in the second-hand store down the street, moments before I was born.

Being a hand-me-down, this brain came with several programs pre-installed – albeit on a rather clunky operating system. A comparison with my old Windows 95 machine cuts it close. Like my old machine, it came with amazing software not unlike Word and Excel. Taking into consideration the analytical nature of this brain, programs like these offer complete functionality.

Though lacking the means to understand itself, this brain is inclined to carefully examine every verbal and non-verbal cue, and laboriously map it along with countless error logs.  Extra slow, dial-up modem type connectivity allows for short bursts of slow interaction with the outside world – until it disconnects.

During the time you are disconnected, this brain offers quality mindfulness, which can be practiced through endless repetitions of the Solitaire game. All features considered, I think this style of brain would suit you if you are looking for a machine that will work despite wear and tear. If you want a machine that can withstand the test of time, this is your thing.


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