Brain Review: Eric G. Hoff

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This brain started out life with a bang! It was keen to learn all manner on information and store it in organized, clearly marked containers. Through the years it grew to be sarcastic and wry, seeing everything through the lens of a comedian. In the teen years it began to crack under the pressure and started spewing out distasteful imagery and verbiage. As time wore on it was left to fall into decay and the memory, which was never good, became filled with holes. The linking engine is damaged as well – it is hard to put words together to form sentences anymore.

On the positive side, this brain is very, very creative and can offer use in a variety of disciplines including music; writing; and art. This brain has taken it’s former owner to the heights of the musical world, to the entrance of the publishing world, and to the back rooms of the world of drawing. It still has some good tread on the creative tires.

With proper maintenance and a new influx of chemicals this brain can give you decades of new ideas and creative flow. But be warned, the memory will continue to fall away and you may be stuck in a heartbreaking purgatory of dementia or worse. This brain is offered at a fair price, but, it is not for the faint of heart.

If you only want to ride on a wave or two of glory, then this baby can be your board, but if you are looking for a rig that can handle the long-haul, pass this baby up.

Eric G. Hoff

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