Brain Review: Mallory De Man

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This brain is a hard worker, constantly thinking of relevant topics like uni and work but also concerned with questions like ‘do penguins have knees?’ As long as you have some music or a movie playing in bed you will have a good nights sleep with it. Do you have an exam coming up? Pick this brain, it will help you study through the night and allow you to write 10 pages of info in the space of 20 minutes, it is very fast.

This brain is great if you want to think about a lot of things at the same time, enjoy being in a relationship that means everything to you and having people very close to you. If you don’t like being alone, don’t take this brain it starts getting a little anxious and sad.

However, this brain loves adventures, exercise and reading. Anything really that will keep the brain busy and stop it from over thinking sad or bad situations that might arise at some point in the future.

They tried to fix this brain with some medication, but the brain just kind of shut down and stopped producing emotions all together. We found that the best medication for this brain was some TLC from friends and family, exercise and a lot of books and activities. This brain will get you whatever you want, because if things aren’t going the way you planned with someone, you will make them see, one way or another, that it is necessary things go your way, doesn’t really matter whether the other person likes it or not.

This brain is okay as long as you’re with people because then it feels good and happy. Sometimes it feels a little like the brain is powered by a battery. When the battery is full, the owner becomes very happy, excited and upbeat. But slowly the battery drains and once it’s empty the owner becomes sad or angry. We haven’t found a few to keep it charged at all times yet.

The real problem with this brain hasn’t been identified yet as there are a few different diagnoses out there at this moment at time. It either has Bipolar 1.0 or Borderline Personality Disorder 1.2, or maybe both? But considering the brain is functioning okay and can get the owner through daily life, this isn’t a very big issue

Mallory De Man
Instagram: Mallorydemanx


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