Brain Review: Buffy Devane

One male brain. 

Age: late 30s [chronological]; about 65 [physical]. 

Very much akin to an old Sinclair Spectrum 48K computer.

This brain is capable of insight, creativity and some occasional moments of good thinking. Exceptional long-term recall. 

Sadly all too often with over-use, this brain is known to overheat and conk out, rendering it useless for long periods. Too many things to consider at once need to be avoided, for general wellbeing.

The amygdalae ["fear glands"] working at consistent high capacity, sadly. 
For a male brain, it is considered remarkably "female" [big on empathy and understanding]. Also, during lapses into verbosity it is highly likely that the brain and the tongue have, at best, a disharmonious relationship.

A brain best used if others are unavailable.

SCORE: 2/5. 

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What did you make of that then?

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