#61 Time – ‘Wait What, 3 Days?’

Time is worse than depression, or at least it’s equal. Time morphs and changes and adapts to my every move, your every move. It is like that friend who doesn’t seem to like you much but occasionally surprises you with a kind gesture. Even though you know deep down though that they are only doing it because it benefits them somehow*.

When I was younger I had several eye surgeries and the first of which I remember very vividly. Not the actual surgery, but the time in hospital. I say time in hospital, it felt more like a term at a boarding school. I swear I had 3 birthdays in there, and passed my driving test. It seemed to last forever. Time knew I was in lots of pain, and thought ‘let me just slow all this down for you – make sure you don’t miss anything’.

So in reality I was in hospital for one day, in fact it wasn’t even 24 hours according to my parents. Time will do that to you though. Then it waits for the good times and presses fast forward. Like when friends tell me we went snowboarding in California and I nod agreeingly, with absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. I mean, I vaguely remember a ski lift and some white stuff, but a day skiing? Nope. Didn’t happen. Ask me how many crumbs made up the entire 3rd slice of toast I ate after my first eye surgery,  and I’d enlighten you in no time*.

Time has been weaving its magic in the last few days.

I mentioned yesterday that I’d had one of the best sick days ever. In fact despite being homebound with the flu it has been a great few days. few days. What? A great few days? I haven’t been at work for 3 days? How is that possible? I got sick, watched a movie with my girlfriend and I’m now writing this post, that didn’t take 3 days, surely?

I tried calling time to query the discrepancy but they did the maths and it has been indeed 72 whole hours.

I’m feeling a little bit better today though and I’ll probably be well enough to work tomorrow. I suspect time will be as quick during my working day as it has been in the last 72 hours though. OK, if you’re new to the blog, that last statement is not true – I think the opposite of that.


*I don’t actually think I’ve ever had a friend like that so I must of seen that idea in movies or something.



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  1. S. Hansen

    Very glad you are doing better.
    I like to imagine time as sand timer (original, I know) and sometimes some clumsy f**k whit somewhere knocks it over. Sand as a rule, I have noticed, doesn’t seem to travel sideways. And then you have to wait for the very fastidious time keeper to come back from work and pick up the sand timer again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bipolar-uninvited

    You described what I call the time dilemma very well. I have no sense of it because some days feel like there are hundreds and hundreds of hours, but then I swear that due to the Bipolar and medication, I have lost years. I am glad you are feeling better. Your blog is great!

    Liked by 1 person

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