#64 Music – ‘Miley Sinus Infection’

If you watch frothy celebrity interview TV shows on a Friday or Saturday night, you will notice the point the interviewer has no idea what to ask. This point comes when they start to show their guests fan sites and toast that looks like Christ. Then that will progress into asking them what the first single they ever bought was. You will then immediately see said celebrity lie through their teeth and tell, as an eight year old, that ‘Light My Fire‘ by The Doors was their first single, because they knew true genius. Instead of the actual answer which is obviously ‘Tip Toe Through The Tulips‘ by Tiny Tim, who clearly was partial to a bit of alliteration.

I’m not entirely sure why that generation seemed to pass judgment on each other for trivial things like historical music choices – obviously the modern kids would never do such a thing. You see, music is an exposure game, and not in a open your rain coat at a park kind of way. Whatever gets the most exposure will ultimately be on the minds of the children. That is why I thought I’m Blue DaBa-De-DaBa-Di was the best song ever written.

Miley Cyrus has been thrust into our ears for similar reasons. You take a basic beat, with catchy lyrics and an attractive singer; in your conscious forever. Now, I actually don’t go looking for music anymore, it typically just finds me. Through film, or youtube or from the radio of a passing car. Failing that I can always rely on people to have the audiodacity* to hum and sing annoying songs.  So they find me. Bad music finds me, finds us. Whether we want it or not, bad music is contagious. It sticks to you, it follows you.

The record has changed this week though, theres been a new entry into the top 40; its the new single from Miley Cyrus’ half sister – Miley Sinus, with her new song ‘Infection’. The flu morphed into a sinus infection and I still can’t work, or sleep well, or eat well, or relax, or anything to be honest. In an ideal world I shall wake up tomorrow humming Eye of the Tiger or Pretty Woman, or Being Sick Is Really Starting To Annoy Me And I Really Want To Feel Better So I Can Work And Earn Money And See Things Outside Of My Apartment. A Real classic.


*Made up that word to shoehorn in a bad pun.



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  1. ibizagoldgirl

    What a couple of days you’ve had! Very interesting posts matey, always a pleasure to read. I’m still stuck in whimsy land, just finished a short piece which I love, so romantic, so cringey!
    Hope you’re both feeling better – happy st Patrick’s day ☘️

    Liked by 1 person

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