#67 Refrigeration – ‘It Sucks!’

If you ever want to suck the energy out of a room, all you need to do is bring up the topic of refrigeration. Something I found out for myself a few years ago, and I can now warn future generations of such perils. Rather ironically though, if you actually look into the mechanics of a fridge*, you will see that is does not put cold air into its self, it in fact sucks warm air out. Very much in the same way darkness is the absence of light, a fridge is the absence of heat.

It remains to be seen what affects the topic of refrigeration has on a blog.

I have found myself in a fridge today, and I think that is why the atmosphere has changed. The air is different, the fun, excitement, and enjoyment has been taken away. I have been left with nothing, well apart from, an old egg, half a jar of green pesto and an aubergine. I don’t even like aubergine*.

So how do you change this? What is the catalyst? How you put light where there is darkness Mindfump? Well, that is simple; open the fridge door – the light will come on. Although the only way to open this particular metaphorical fridge door and therefore turn on the light to rid me of this darkness, is to harness the ingenuity of Ben in Short Circuit 2. After getting stuck in a fridge, Ben uses a calculator to hack into the national phone system. He then calls his friend Sandy and uses the touch tone to play the song ‘Help Me Rhonda’ by the Beach Boys down the phone. She then heroically figures out this rather convoluted message* and saves the day.

Unfortunately I don’t know anyone by the name of Sandy and I don’t own a calculator – If only there was another way. I’ve tried everything. I’ve checked the same websites 174 times, I checked them again, and… ok, that is all I’ve done to combat my boredom today. It is not as easy as you may think though. How do you get out of the fridge?


*And why wouldn’t you?

*Probably explains why it is still there.

*I would not have gone a crusader to save a friend if I’d only heard that message. It is too abstract for me to act upon.

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Read more, its good for you.

[2] You Know What They Say…

#63 NutriGrain – ‘My Brain, Mi-Graine’

Guest Post: Fight or Flight by Mindfump


  1. S. Hansen

    I once had a geography teacher that challenged me to put together a well worded argument for how I know a torch isn’t a darkness sucker. He hated idioms and stalls so no umms and errs were allowed. I’m actually still kind of hoping all human science regarding light is going to turn out to be wrong and stars are actually darkness absorbers not light emitters. That would be hilarious.
    Anyway, I haven’t figured out how to get out the fridge yet I just wrap up in blankets for warmth and keep existing.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. S. Hansen

        It was mostly the teacher… he was kind of crazy but it was entertaining. I think my argument revolved around the science behind light creation but as I’m not sure how I’d word that argument now I guess it probably wasn’t that good of an argument.
        To be honestt I love playing devils advocate so I would much rather have argued that torches are darkness suckers.

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  2. thismomsfranticmind

    I write, clean or organize, take a walk if I can muster up enough energy. Most important for me at least, is get dressed. Put on some jeans, put on some make-up, vs sitting bra-less in sweat pants and bed hair. If I look better on the outside, I feel better

    Liked by 2 people

  3. summerSHINES

    You’re bored because you have an intelligent mind. You should doodle like me to tap into a different brain wave👍We all store our sharpies and sketchbooks in the fridge…don’t we? 😂😱😲

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ibizagoldgirl

    What if we need to be ‘in the fridge’ sometimes? What if we need to ‘chill out’, be kept in the dark, or remain isothermal occasionally?
    Deep down we know that soon the fridge door will open and we will once again be ‘consumed’, ‘used’, ‘contemplated’, ‘discarded’ or best of all ‘relished!’ 😋

    Liked by 1 person

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