#82 Haircut – ‘Do Looks Matter?’

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It is fair to say that when I was growing up I wasn’t someone who was too concerned with their appearance. This is not due to some deep seated beauty or self-confidence, I just don’t think I found a mirror until I was about 18. That hypothesis is supported by significant photographic evidence from around that time.

My hair was never long though, so I must have gotten haircuts. That is something which must have happened. I am just not sure when or who by, and when I say by whom I mean it very much in a ‘it was Mr. Pink in the conservatory with the garden shears’ kind of way.

I don’t know why it took so long to finally put effort into my appearance. I like to think it is because I had a deep sense of it’s inherent irrelevance to the soul of a person. And that I knew society put so much undue pressure on youngsters to conform to an idea of beauty that is so arbitrary and subjective, I thought I’d be natural. Be myself. A one man protest against the anxiety and low self-esteem inducing beauty industry. Or maybe it was just a naive view that people would like me for me. Bottom line is, my friends were all having sex and I wasn’t.

Let the peacocking begin.

So I took it seriously. I thought the best place to look was fashion magazines, that and pay more attention to cool people on the TV. I looked at what was ‘in’ at the time and as luck would have it, the new style was the ‘just got out of bed’ look. Result. I was into that before it was cool, like any hipster’s favourite band. Unfortunately however, that fashion didn’t last as long as I’d hoped. My brief period of cool was over.

I got my hair cut today, and in the last few years of my life this has always been a risky operation because I’m rarely in a place which speaks English. Although it does give me opportunity to practice my mime game. The way I determine how my mime skills are developing is entirely based on the final cut. After too many failures to mention though I switched tact and now just show a picture.

Today I was not filled with confidence though. After opening the picture on my phone, the hairdresser studied reviewed absorbed looked glanced at the picture for approximately 0.045 seconds before giving an affirmative ‘ja’*. I just sat back as if I’d just been strapped into my first ever rollercoaster experience. Oh well, here goes.

I think my view on beauty is very much consistent with everyones view on ‘cool’, if you’re trying then you’re instantly not cool. So what I am saying is I was cool for the first 18 years of my life and the cruel shallow society turned me into this uncool guy with a nice hair cut.  Thanks Austrian haircutter man.


*he spoke German.



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  1. Art By Miriam

    I have always been one to brush my hair once and let the day begin…for a woman that’s quite a lot to say. However if I plan to go out with people at night, then I take care and brush it again. With a house that used to be full of girls and me, I was quite an oddity except for the youngest who seems to be like me! lol. Cheers because you will always be a super cool guy Mindfump…hair cut or no!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Buffy Devane

    Hairdressing-wise, Buffy sometimes goes to “Kenny’s” — Kenny himself is a true artiste. ‘Nuff said!
    Or if I’m feeling in a different mood, I’ll just do it myself with my Remington hair trimmer in the bathroom.

    The 2nd mood/option is undoubtedly better, psyche-wise… less artistic, but proof that I feel more secure in myself, and less vain.

    All this to say: you speak wise, my friend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Buffy Devane

        A number 3? You were hardcore, methinks… I prefer a more “bohemian” higher number for the most part. Nothing below a quite hairy 8!
        And you’re most welcome: reading your Mindfumpian diversions is always a good use of my time. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Nikki Caswell

    I didn’t do much about my appearance until around the same age. I was judged shortly entering high school and let me tell you, it was tough. I remember writing that I wasn’t going to focus on my appearance, but rather, how I would respond and develop within my character. Sadly, that writing became lost and at times I self obsess over my appearance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mindfump

      I can totally relate, even if you want to stay true to who you are, the modern world makes it almost impossible. Appearance can be everything, hopefully we find a way out of this as a society. It mentally crushing when unnecessary expectation is heaped upon us.

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  4. Rebecca

    When you live in a village with a population of 53 hillbillies with the average age of above 50, you don’t need to do much to be the coolest!! I haven’t been to a hairdresser in about 5 years so my hair is now ridiculously long…. the result is that I brush and wash it every other week 🙂 Yes, I know that that sounds bad but when you consider that I use to have dreadlocks that were on meter long and that got washed every 3 months, it aint that bad anymore!

    I sure did look cool with my dreads.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Rebecca

            Excellent. I will be expecting a picture…. how will you explain to the hairdresser?? A picture of you and you have a crayon with you and you just start coloring in your hair?

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Rebecca

            Haha it is the only thing to do! I’m glad we came to the same conclusion!!! Hey, I’ll dye my hair green if dye yours purple. I’ll have to wash my hair first though….. oh, fyi i use to glue stuff stuck to my hair 😀. With superglue!

            Liked by 1 person

          3. Rebecca

            Cereal really wouldn’t make sense would it? No, first beads… Then other stuff. I once had a small plastic train glued to my hair for a month. It was purple! Or flowers, also worked really well 😆. But yes, everything is out now…. That stuff was too crazy for this small village….

            Liked by 1 person

  5. bipolarsojourner

    you have forgotten the hidden rule of hair stylist. you could have pictures from twelve different angles, describe to a t the minor changes you want from there and it won’t matter. the stylist is still going to cut it the way they want. also, it will likely be choosing from one of their 5 favorite styles they learned in school.


  6. crazyruthie

    Mindfump, you’re a cool guy. Not noticing is cool in itself. Waiting til 18 to worry is impressive.
    This is funny because my husband cut my hair tonight! He dyes it too. I wouldn’t​ swear it looks good, but it seems to. I hate going to the salon. I so didn’t give a damn about how it turned out. I let him do it! The older I get the less I care.

    Anyway, if an Austrian guy gave you a cool hair cut, none will know the better!

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Mindfump

            Thankfully there is no drool all over me, sounds like that Tom Hanks movie with the dog. Know the one I mean? Either way my girlfriend approves, can’t get better than that!


  7. updownflight

    When I was a little girl (around 6) I looked like a Tom boy. In fact, once my mom took me to get a haircut and they thought I WAS a boy. When mom got me home she looked at me and started crying. She took me back and ordered them to “Fix it!” There wasn’t much for them to do. Anyway, after that I let my hair grow.

    Most of my youth my hair was such a hassle to deal with. I have very thick hair that is curly underneath. It wasn’t until I turned about 40 that I finally got a great haircut, but I pay dearly for it. Dearly. But the haircut looks great, and I hardly have to do anything if I go the “Wavy Crazy Lady” route. Actually, people think that looks good, but my hubby prefers it flat ironed. I only have that done at the salon.

    I do very much look like a woman nowadays.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mindfump

      Oh man that sounds traumatic! Thankfully I just got my hair ruined at home haha. I do think as we get older we just realise it is all for nothing anyway. I do believe you look fabulous either way now.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Paul Sunstone

    I’ve always hated haircuts. No reason for my hatred. Just me being irrational. Since my retirement, I have fallen into the routine of just two cuts a year: early Summer, early Winter. I hope when the time of my death arrives, it comes just after one of my two cuts. That way, I won’t need a third that year.

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