Guest Post: Juggling Depression And Compliments

25,000 Light-years

We have minds which are inherently negative, we like to complain and we like to mope about all the bad stuff in the world, as opposed to the good. My only evidence for that is in fact that previous sentence, which is inherently negative. Like some inception based literary negativity. Logically speaking though there are some very good reasons to have a negative disposition, especially when confronted with the uninvited obtrusion that is the compliment.

The compliment presents a conundrum. Like an alien descending to earth, why are they here? What do they want? Are they going to eviscerate me? All valid questions. The compliment disrupts the order of things, especially in the mind of a depressed person. They have a negative outlook, often surrounded by negative imagery of oneself and this intrusive compliment messes up this nice dark world of negativity.

Even for the non-depressed a compliment is met…

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What did you make of that then?

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