#87 Exhausted – ‘Creative Flow’

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Creative flow, or ‘in the zone’, as it is sometimes known, is a state in which we are so focused and so in tune with our mind, and absorbed in an activity that we seem to flow through it. Anything seems possible and your brain operates at its peak capacity. Time seems to slow down, but simultaneously speed up. The energy and creativity just pours out of you as beautifully and as plentiful as the Trevi Fountain.

I don’t know if there is a definition for the opposite of creative flow, but I have that. Floblob. I’ve decided Floblob is the opposite of creative flow. I have a serious case of Floblob. In this state you are so out of tune with your surroundings that you’ve found the local AM radio station, and the improv Belgian jazz* from the 1920s is distracting if not quite alluring. You are so unabsorbed in any creative process that you turn into Glycomer 631*, and the mushy peas that was your brain is now merely a beacon to transmit an SOS signal, which could remain on loop for hundreds of years.

There is no rescue.

Sleep is a cure, but it all seems too late. No amount of sleep can cure this exhaustion, this Floblob. Although on the plus side, I am flying to Ireland in a couple of days; 6 days of no work sounds good to me. I am sure the energy will return, but I hope this is not the start of some ‘Flip-Flopping Floblob Phase™.


*One of the most unabsorbable materials known to man.

*Apologies to any improv Belgian Jazz fans out there. 

P.S Longer posts will resume after the passing of Floblob. 


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    1. Mindfump

      I think it was literally just physical exhaustion rather than any of my mental issue, I’ve woken up to a better day! And most importantly some energy. How did you rediscover your energy?


      1. oasischarm

        Oh, I see. Physical exhaustion would be hard to deal with, too. What helped me was deciding to focus on my values, since I was having trouble controlling my mood. For example, I value learning, so I decided that I’d read nonfiction books, even if I couldn’t experience pleasure while doing it, for the sake of learning. Doing things like that made me respect myself more, which improved my mood, which helped me start feeling pleasure again.


  1. Paul Sunstone

    Ok, Mindfrump, none of this will help you because, you know, “efforts to be of assistance never work” (Third Law of Empathy), but I gots to try anyway. So, here are some suggestions to “help” get you back into the zone. Things to write about…

    • Fact: Depression is just as much — or even more — a lens through which we see the world as it is a bundle of negative feelings.

    • Resorting to sex as “self-medication” for depression. Pros and cons.

    • Does travel help with depression? If so, how and why? If not, why not?

    • The evolutionary origins of depression (my therapist believes depression evolved in us because it posed advantages to our survival).

    • A reason why suicide should not be an option: You cannot with certainty predict the future. No matter how bleak it looks, things can turn out radically different from your negative expectations (By the way, they did for me — one hell of a story, too!)

    • Another reason why suicide should not be an option: By killing yourself, you are not only likely to wound your friends and family, but there’s probably someone who you would have met in the future and helped, befriended, loved,etc, who will now not be helped, befriended, loved, etc, by you.

    • The economic costs of depression. Google the science on it!

    • Depression: Always bad for the arts and creativity? I think not! Often, just the opposite. Depression can inflame creativity.

    • How to explain to your lover that you’re not just depressed, but have depression.

    • “You are not your depression!” You, the real you, are distinct from your illness. Hazards of identifying your self with depression.

    • People who see depression as a moral failure. Why do they? Why are they wrong?

    • Why Paul Sunstone is the most depressing blog post commentator on the internet and how he can and must be stopped.

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    1. Mindfump

      Wow! That is a comprehensive list. I am sure some of the ideas will be contributed in the future. You are too good. Thankfully my exhaustion yesterday was just that, a bit of exhaustion. Physically feeling much better today. I hope you also write on these topics though.

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  2. Rebecca

    I’m mainly focused on how would pronounce Floblob. …. is The first o a long o or a short one? It’s nice to finally have a word for this lack of anything that I seem to be stuck in 😀.
    Im flying to Belgium in a month and I’ll be there for 10 days!! Yeah 😊. I’ll have to try and catch up in my improv Belgian jazz while I’m there! That should surely inspire me….. I’ll do great things when I’m back. Great great things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mindfump

      Interestingly my girlfriend asked the same thing. I can confirm it is a short ‘o’ sound. I think you should write a review of the Belgian Jazz scene, for no other reason than it would crack me up – selfish. What are you doing in Belgium though?

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      1. Rebecca

        I am belgian 😀. So I’ll be visiting family that I don’t want to see, eating food that I really shouldn’t eat and then flying home to a place I don’t consider home! I am honestly thinking about devoting the whole 10 days to the belgian jazz scene….. Als for selfish reasons. It would probably crack me up as well!

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          1. Rebecca

            Was in Denmark. I moved to Lapland now! Too many people in Denmark. …. I lived there for 15 years for reasons I don’t really quite know myself.. 😊. I just didn’t wanna live in Belgium lol.
            I wonder if there is like this whole underground jazz scene in Belgium which is the biggest secret ever…… cos i’ve never heard of it. And i wonder if it’s secret because they suck. ….. im intrigued! I also wonder how my family will take the change of plans haha!

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          2. Mindfump

            That is certainly a change, it is also the reason I don’t live in the UK. Just don’t want to. Lapland is so fantastical, how did you even end up there? I’d love to see the moment with the family… ‘ok guys! Belgian Jazz, you in??’

            Liked by 1 person

          3. Rebecca

            Haha I’ll take a picture of their faces!
            I love nature so Lapland seemed a good a place as anything else….. But it still ain’t home so now I don’t know …. I’ll try my luck in the Canadian wilderness…. Wild & free!Woohoo!

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          4. Rebecca

            I lived in Canada when I was a child. Best time of my life! I’m half Canadian and have dual citizen ship to Belgium and Canada. … so If you ever read about a crazy belgian-canadian lost in the Canadian wilderness that would be yours truly. I’ll be wrestling bears and living with wolves and riding moose, i will.


  3. Grizzly Man

    As a Belgian Jazz musician, I shall overlook the snub and thank you for your wonderful work.
    I’ve read a few posts now.
    Talking about difficult experiences whilst maintaining your wit and eloquence (daily) is something to be very proud of.
    Thank you for sharing and helping others better understand or feel a little less alone. Whilst smiling.
    Peace and love xx

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    1. Mindfump

      haha I now feel obliged to go to Belgium just to hear you play. You are very kind with your words though, I thank you more than you can imagine! I’d be happy with one person reading but to know there are others enjoying it really makes me smile. Thank you once again.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Mindfump

      Sorry for the late reply! Did you manage to overcome your floblob?! Glad you are enjoying the writing. I think I’m at a little impasse at the moment. Hopefully that will also pass, to become an ‘impassed’.

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