#89 Convention – ‘An Outer Body Experience’

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There are a few common ways people seem to experience outer-body-experiences, or OBEs as the cool kids call them. This can be through extreme-physical-effort (EPE), during deep sleep, or from near-death-experiences (NDE). I’m not sure the list is exhaustive, but I do have a new entry, as I had an OBE today. We need to add; ‘sitting-in-a cute-cafe-with-your-girlfriend-and-her-friends-eating-breakfast-whilst-they-gossip endlessly-about-other girls-and-trashy-TV’ (SCCGFEBGEOGTT) to the list.

These exact conditions seemed to produce an OBE, I do remember being in the conversation at one point, but that point no longer existed. I no longer knew why the words were coming out of people’s mouths or what the context was. I have come to suspect no context existed. I could feel myself floating, slowly rising above myself. The voices became a distant droning noise. Then like a lonely astronomer waiting for an alien signal I just had to wait around listening for my name, to know that I was now expected to contribute.

I could feel myself drifting further above myself like a rising steam cloud.  Soon to disperse into nothingness, but I was looking down at myself and was comforted to see the physical version of me nodding politely and making appropriate ‘mhmmhm’ noises. It would soon be too late though, I could already tell the droning was getting quieter and I was almost entirely switched over to my alternative universe.

I didn’t switch.

There was another time during today that I had an OBE, and this time it was to do with a personal fear. Here I am in a country I will soon call home*, trying to embrace it and absorb it. During another conversation amongst the girls today they began talking about house buying. The domesticity of life is something I struggle with, and I don’t enjoy or entertain convention. That is not to say I can avoid it, but I strive to be on a different path. I don’t want to leave school, go to university, get my 2:1, get a grad job, get a promotion, get a car, debate the mileage difference between the diesel version of my car and the petrol, buy a house, complain about interest rates, get married, get a dog, have a baby, argue about mundane things, complain about work, complain about my town, not quitting my job because I get a good pension, and spending 2 weeks a year in places I like whilst spending 50 weeks of the year in a place and situation I don’t.

The entire system in the UK appears to be built to facilitate that life, that lifestyle, and not only does it force you down that path but convinces you that you wanted it all along. And here I was listening to people in my new country talk about these exact things. I was floating above myself once more and my mi nd was racing, am I leaving Vienna to go back into this lifestyle? Can this conventional UK life really be avoided? Or am I just putting off the inevitable?

In a bit of quiet time with my girlfriend later this evening, she confirmed what I expected of her. That life is what we make, and we can have none of those things if we don’t want them. Instantly, my outer body went back into my real body, and you will be relieved to know that I am now just a normal earth dwelling human being again. Although being human is so conventional these days. Damn it!





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  1. Paul Sunstone

    I can see how talk of participating in the system could drive a person out of their body, if not their mind.

    The touch that gets me just as much as it gets you is that bit about their convincing you you want all that lifestyle.

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      1. Rebecca

        Very true…. people always seem to get so upset when you dont pay your bills…. which puts you right back into that need little box society wants you to be in. But I am happy if I can limit my conventional side to paying bills and live wild and free in all other aspects!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Paul Sunstone

        I admire your free spirited attitude! It’s a lovely thing!

        I think keeping folks struggling is possibly an intentional policy designed to keep them too preoccupied to challenge the system. Possibly, but I’m not sure how probable such a conspiracy is. At any rate, intentional or not, it does have the effect of keeping people from challenging the system.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Mindfump

          I do agree that the conspiracy theorists are wrong on this one, although having said that if anyone think America happened by mistake, take a look at Edward Bernays. He designed their whole political system to make sure the people have no power and just buy things to fuel an economy. This is not a conspiracy but a well documented fact. He was also the man who removed the word ‘propaganda’ with a new term he invented called ‘Public Relations’. You can see many interviews with him proudly telling you how to build a democratic system in which the people do things which they think they want. He wrote a famous book called ‘Engineering Consent’. As well as other books and documentaries. Fascinating man.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. ibizagoldgirl

    WoW! Thrown into the lions nest! Fair play to you for meeting all the girlies and surviving – the oob was probably a coping mechanism!!
    Look! most do not move country and fewer live in two European countries so id ignore most of what is being said …. buuut you will get sucked in, you can’t avoid it. You will need to understand how to get a nie number, register with Doctor’s, jump through bank hoops, decide if Dunnes Stores is a shitty version of M&S or better and try and understand the left, left-left or right, middle-right party politics! I say you have to or you will never truly assimilate and will be a tourist or a ‘blow in’ which I find insulting when you’ve no intention of blowing out!!
    It’s no Vienna, or maybe it is…. depends where you are. The biggest things will be identification and that I leave for another day.
    Have a wonderful time. You’ve made a great decision so enjoy Easter (ah all the moans about English pubs being open lol) it’s a great family time and if you’re lucky enough to be in a village then you’ll be welcomed in to that too.
    Amazing times ahead for you both xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mindfump

      The moving part is ok, and the banks and all of those things are ok. As Ireland will be the 8th or 9th country but it is more the ideology! I don’t want to move to a country with an attitude and ideology like the UK (or the US). I’ve lived in those environments and didn’t like it. Hopefully Ireland turns out to be different, and I am sure it will. I have a good feeling!

      Thank you so much! We are having a fun time right now. I mean my girlfriend is Irish so she is showing me round a lot of places. I hope you have a fun week too. All the best as usual!


  3. Jessica

    Tell me how to be unconventional when you have kids? Enjoy your youth, Mindfump! If I had the know how and guts I might have done things more like you at your age. I fear it’s too late for me now. 😊


  4. NewMoonPlan

    I love reading about these experiences! More of those please! 😀 I’ve been surprised when you wrote that the physical body reacted to people. I thought the physical body is…almost like asleep during an OBE.


    1. Mindfump

      I’m glad you like them 🙂 Although I would definitely say it wasn’t a legitimate OBE, more just surrounded by conversations I didn’t want to be apart of and drifted away. Now that I think of it, I am not sure I have ever had a real OBE

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  5. mentalistatwork

    You might enjoy the book ‘Escape the System’ by Joe Barnes – definitely inspires me to live the life *I* want and not the one others think I should have! Btw, very happy to have stumbled across you blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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