#97 Politics – ‘Whoops! Opened The Wrong Door’

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Swaggering around with all my confidence from yesterday I stumble across a problem, I have nowhere to swagger to. I don’t really have any work on at the moment, and Vienna has been transported to the Siberian Peninsular, apparently, so what is a boy to do? What can a 28 year old guy do in his apartment alone all day with only the internet for company? Go on twitter, exactly. Now, regular readers of the blog will notice there is an absence of politics, and this is a deliberate thing. It is not that I am ignorant of it, and I will happily debate anyone on anything, any where, any time! Bring it!*. But herein lies the problem.

There is no such thing as reasoned debate anymore, there are just people cowering behind upturned desks throwing shit at each other. Both sides are as bad as each other, or should I say all sides, are as bad as each other. No one wants a solution, they just want to ‘win’, whatever that means. That is it, and I know that is it, but for some reason today I opened the door. I went onto twitter, which can be a peaceful, pleasant and supportive place, if you so choose, but I choose differently. Today, I clicked on the hashtag ‘UKIP’. As in, the UK Independence Party. As in, the ‘we are really just racist and xenophobic, but trying to pretend we are not‘ Party.

So, it was my own fault, I admit that from the start, but the level of ‘debate’ and rhetoric I found was disheartening to the point of depressing. Common sense and reasonable political candidates will never be able to succeed in this environment, because that would require the use of ‘reason’. Something no one wants to use anymore. The sure-fire way to know a political parties ambitions of ‘winning’ rather than actually improving society, is when they start appealing to the emotions of the electorate. You see, the one major human flaw is our quick reacting emotional side of the brain. It reacts quicker than our analytical side, and it not only reacts quicker but it can also over power our analytical side.

This is a problem.

It takes a serious conscious effort to see past the emotional agendas of organisations and governments. It is easy to buy into emotional arguments, whether true or not, because they can feel right. When a political party starts making you feel instead of think you know they have something to hide. And that is the stage we are in at the moment, everyone is feeling; hating. The majority seem to have abandoned thought in favour of feeling and extreme political parties are exploiting this.

The debating of government policy becomes irrelevant when you look at evidence and reason, because the answers are there. They are clear. We don’t need to mud sling about tuition fees, or funding public health care, or staying in the EU. We don’t need to emotionally ‘debate’ these topics, because the answers and evidence exist already. But the parties don’t seem to want us to see it, they just want to perpetrate fear, anger and division instead, which they are doing successfully. All because they want to ‘win’.

I saw all the mud-slinging today, and by all, I mean about 0.003% of it. But it was enough to dampen my mood significantly. I am still feeling confident, but I am feeling isolated. I don’t want to argue for either side, or any party. I just want reason and evidence to prevail. Regardless of colour, party or preference, the truth is always the truth… unless you are Sean Spicer of course, where truth is actually a vague, mythical and subjective concept.

Walking home after my only job today though, I bought two schokoschnecken to cheer myself up. Because of the sludgy rain though the paper bag began to deteriorate, my confidence from the last few days meant I was in no mood to pander to the danger. When, meters from my front door, the bag ripped. It ripped the top of the paper bag clean off, I watched in slow motion as the schokoschnecken landed on the floor, on top of the remaining paper. They were safe. I’ve been a staunch atheist most of my life, but it is times like these I seriously question my beliefs.


*Don’t bring it. 

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  1. cyoungnotstupid

    Great read about the current state of poltics in the UK lately. Worldwide, it seems debate is becoming less and less fact based. Feel free to take a look at my blog, youngnotstupid.com, I cover and give opinion’s on American poltical landscape, and how crazy it can sometimes be.

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