#99 Hospital – ‘A Heart Scare’

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I don’t like hospitals. But then again, I don’t think many people do. You don’t often hear about people excited to go there, or people planning to visit a new city and saying ‘oh, we must go see the General Hospital, its beautiful this time of year’. It is not on the radar, and that is for good reason. Hospitals are shrouded in death, pain and, more often than not, negative emotion.

I’ve been in hospital myself a few times, I’ve had a few eye surgeries – to correct my bad sight, discovered while playing Fox and Hounds. Other than that, there was the time I pretended to be a horse, with my brother being the rider. Whilst not wishing to undermine my brothers human horse riding abilities, I do feel I was a great human horse and not blame in the incident.

We were at my Grandmas house and I, being the horse, was on all fours. My brother was on top and we were trudging around the living room looking for things to lasso. We had gone around the single-seater and I’d seen something out of the corner of my eye. Something strange, I wasn’t sure what it was, but I was startled. I neighed and kicked, I lifted my front legs (arms) and my brother had trouble holding on, but hold on he did. He not only held on, but when my front legs came down he pushed his weight onto my shoulders and I ended up fracturing my thumb.

It was the first and only time I have seriously fractured a bone in my body, and I dealt with it well. That is to say I cried for 3 hours straight and wanted my mum. We eventually went to hospital and to my disappointment there was no caste to be worn. A sling would do.  So I dealt with it like a man*, and cried some more.

Other than those times though, I have only been to hospital visiting other people. My mum a few years ago and my gran at the weekend. That then changed yesterday.

So the last couple of days I have been experiencing this really tight pressure on my chest. Which the doctor last night asked, rather specifically, if it felt like an African Forest Elephant sat on my chest. He was exactly right, and I made that point, because the tightness was in no way like the much larger African Bush Elephant sat on my chest or the lesser Cyprus Dwarf Elephant. He really knew his elephants.

This tightness, this African Forest Elephant sat on my chest feeling had been getting worse. Now, I am a fit 28-year-old manboy, which means I’m highly unlikely to be having a heart attack. However, when two of your family members have both had massive heart attacks in the last 2 months, your mind does start to wonder. The anxiety started kicking in, and every feeling in my body was amplified. A twinge in my leg, was no longer a twinge but a ruptured vein or a sign that my heart had stopped. I knew that the pains and tightness could just be a combination of events, and an over active brain, but if it were true the consequences are rather more severe.

So I went to the major hospital here in Vienna, the AKH. It is a huge ugly building built in the 1970s, everything in side was a shade of orange or brown. I had every test under the Sun and every one of them came back clear. I still have the tightness feeling but I do have peace of mind. And not to underestimate the audacity of my anxiety, but it is rather difficult to argue against an ECG,  an X-Ray, 4 Blood tests, an Ultra sound and the advice of 3 doctors.

Long story short*; I’m absolutely fine. The heart scare was just that – a scare. I am still going, my mum is still going, my uncle is still going and so is my gran, who is still hanging in there. Everyone on my mum’s side is doing its best to keep doctors in employment, and I guess I had to do my bit too.


*I think I’m supposed to say that before I’ve told the long story, but hey ho, that’s life. 

*Or woman. As far as I’m away both sexes can cry and not cry.

P.S Because I was in hospital all yesterday evening, I didn’t get a chance to write yesterdays post. Well I wrote a bit of it on my phone and then got to hospital, which is a shame because it is a good post, with a cool announcement. So I will do that post today as some kind of post-post post. 

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  1. Rebecca

    I absolutely love your story telling!! And I agree, it definitely sounds like it was your brothers fault….
    I actually dont mind hospitals. I worked in one for many years. I find them comforting…. if anything happens you dont need to call an ambulance! Well, actually that’s not true, you do need to call an ambulance but that’s a different story, I dont want to bore you with that. It is hilarious though….

    Anyway, I am glad you were not having a heart attack 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Rebecca

        I have two stories actually, both are equally hilarious…. But not for the people involved. I as an observer however laughed and laughed…..
        Story 1: Sitting in the lunch room with my colleague and she gets chest pains and numbness in arm. Time is of the essence, she should get to a hospital. But we are already at the hospital, just not in the right building. How do we get her to the right building? All people involved in getting people to the right places work for the ambulance service…. So yes, we call 112 (kinda like 911 in Denmark). Imagine the conversation…. Hello, we need an ambulance immediately…. Operator: where….. Us: at the hospital……. The operator almost hung up thinking we were for some reason joking….. They did send an ambulance which took 20 minutes. It then drove my colleague to the other side of the street to the right building! All of that to find out she was having a panic attack.

        Story 2 and I do apologize that this is taking up so much space on your comment section… you could just delete it after you read the stories, if you like. But this story is good 😃 Another colleague, this one has a pacemaker. One morning this pacemaker starts acting up. He can feel it in his chest and he knows he should get help. He is still very much able to walk so he walks over to the emergency room. Makes sense, right? Nooooo… see, you need to call upfront to go to the emergency room. So, from this emergency room he called an ambulance which then drove to this emergency room, my colleague walked out of the emergency room to the ambulance right outside of the door and they treated him…. In the ambulance….. right outside of an emergency room.
        I swear, these are indeed true stories. Call it Danish logic.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Raegina

        I’ve been to ED twice this pregnancy for symptoms I thought were lithium toxicity and miscarriage. The staff were great. I totally get the embarrassment but also the will to know if what you think it is, is what is going on.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Courtney Lopez

    Awesome post, as always!
    I despise hospitals. Especially when I’m in them. Every baby I’ve had, I had to stay in one for at least three days. so that is nine days in all. *shudders* The food….
    Anyway, happy to hear you’re okay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mindfump

      Oh man! I couldn’t imagine staying that long. A few years ago my mum was sick for 6 weeks and had to be in hospital the whole time. It is an ordeal, wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Thank you 🙂


  3. corax42

    This may sound daft, but did anyone (doctors, nurses) mention IBS…?

    Only reason I ask – quite a few years ago I experienced increasing chest tightness over several months. I also felt like a steel ball was wedged up under my rib cage. I didn’t go to a doctor of course, I just spent every waking moment convincing myself that what I could feel was a massive tumour, and I was surely going to die.

    Someone mentioned IBS as a possibility to me and I checked it out. Many of the symptoms fitted, and that reassured me and stopped me stressing out as much. Once I’d stopped stressing as much, the physical sensations alleviated and eventually went completely. I’d locked myself into a feedback loop!

    Not saying it’s what it is of course – I’m not even a clinician, let alone one able to diagnose from a brief blog posting lol. Just an idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mindfump

      They never mentioned that! It could be. I’ve often thought I’ve had it, but never knew it could be related in some way. I shall definitely ask my doctor about it. I certainly think I am in a feedback loop right now tough.


  4. SalAA

    Turning a negative experience into something that makes people smile is a wonderful talent, and you often make me smile. I’m glad it was just a scare. Probably unsurprising given the stress you’ve been under.

    I hate hospitals unless I’m the patient, I’ve spent far too long visiting sick people feeling powerless and stressed. But when I’ve been sick myself I’ve been so relieved to be there, being looked after and checked, its a totally different experience. I’ll not be popping into any especially for the ambience any time soon tho!

    BTW they once thought I was having a stroke, full investigation with brain scans and everything, turned out to be a combination of migraine, inner ear infection and panic attack! At least I know my brains OK 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mindfump

      You are very kind! I genuinely do just do stuff to make myself laugh, the idea that other people laugh just makes it all worth while. I can’t agree about being a patient though, I just cannot get along with hospitals. I see you’re from the north right? I got all my eye surgeries done in Sunderland and to be fair that wasn’t too bad. But eye hospitals just seem to be so different… obviously they just work on eyes but you know what I mean.

      And to be fair I would be terrified to think I was having a stroke! Literally my worst nightmare. Never been so glad to hear someone had a migraine.


      1. Mindfump

        Hahah and then if you’re a bit nervous about it you you’ll have reservations about your reservation reservation reservation. It should be said though that I still have posted the post-post post. Does that make it a post-post post post?

        Liked by 1 person

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