#100 Learning – ‘Plate Spinning Extraordinaire’

I must say I do like learning, it is the foundation of life for me. I want to learn and develop in every way I can. I want to see new things and experience new things. The only way, in my opinion, to do it is to broaden your knowledge, your surroundings and your horizons. Do it through travel, talking, reading, exploring and there’s no end to what you can learn. I mean, here I am after years of travel and university and I can now flick my fingers like Ali G, I learned what the washing symbols on that label inside your shirt do and I can even make a hard-boiled egg in the shape of a heart*.

As I said, foundations of life.

Today I am in the process of acquiring a new skill. See, I was never really an organised person. I was always that kid who never took their books to school, or a pencil, or a rubber, or a pen, or a ruler, or a protractor…. I didn’t even know socks went in pairs until a couple of years ago. I just got by. Then university came and, well, nothing changed. I was still unorganised. I did learn how to appear organised though, which in hindsight was much more difficult that just being organised.

The travelling came, and more universities came, and then self employment was thrust upon me, and I realised today that I can do a lot of things at once. I can’t do them very effectively, but I can do them – I think. I have learned how to be a plate spinner, some one who does a lot of things a once. I keep my eye on the ball… or on the plates.

I mentioned to my girlfriend yesterday that I haven’t written anything down in my diary or calendar for three months and for a self-employed person who works for 15 different people, I think that is quite an achievement. Then there’s the organising of a blog, I’ve only miscounted the daily blog 12 times since I started. Given that I am now on day 101, that puts me around 88% success rate. Not to mention I have only missed 1 day of blogging in that time. I’ll take those figures any day.

What I realised today is though, is that I am pushing it. I am finding the limits of my organisational power, which granted, is not very far, but still. I’ve found the edge. I’m one more plate away from convincing everyone I’m a Greek Wedding organiser*. So I think I need to change perspective or, try to learn to be properly organised.

I need to try new things and new methods. I should at least give proper organisation a go once. I think people often say ‘try everything once’ but it is often said in specific circumstances. Like, just before they are about to do something terrible like eat a bag of drugs or jump off a cliff into a shallow pool. It is rarely said by insecure macho men before they try ballet or cross dressing.

So here I am, I shall try the cross dressing, also known as organising. I just need more time, like literally 24 hours does not seem like enough. Maybe with my new-found efficiency though I shall discover some time, make those hours seem a little bit longer. Or just end up with a floor full of plates.


*That is a joke about all the spinning plates falling, and smashing on the ground. 

*Feel free to ask in the comments for directions.


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  1. S. Hansen

    I’m differently disorganised. I once missed a friends party because I had no clue what the date was, not of the party that I could remember, I just didn’t really even notice what month I was in…
    I’ve taken to putting important things in my phone’s calendar, so that it can remind me when it’s the right day. But everything else I do is pretty much just organised chaos, which is to say it’s not really that organised at all.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. S. Hansen

        It’s a good term, I learned it from an acquaintance who had temporarily misplaced their passport… :p
        Though I have to say I think my chaos is more organised, they might look like messy piles of stuff but each pile is a category of stuff…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ibizagoldgirl

    I actually give talks on how to perform ‘life admin!’
    A simple excel spreadsheet will get you started. Its creation will highlight what your activities are whilst the tweaking will bring out areas for consideration and the need to include multiple workbooks.
    It can be as simple as
    1. date
    2. Client
    3. asked to do xyz
    4. date of completion
    or it can be complex with colour coding and formulas
    It needn’t be difficult. Stop making excuses and get on with it 🙃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mindfump

      You lost me at spreadsheet and then again at colour coding formulas. I am definitely not a pen person. I don’t understand the need, well. I do. Because I am unorganised, but I just can’t do it. It is a skill I do not possess.


  3. Anonymous

    I need to get more organized, too. I’ve accidentally double-booked myself multiple times, which always embarrasses me cuz then I have to reschedule one of those things. I’m gonna start using a planner. Good luck with your cross dressing/organizing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. dd416

    I have problems be an organized person to. I have so many things I want to do at once that sometimes it feels like my mind will explode. I want to be an author,a red carpet correspondent,I want to go to the Oscars and maybe be nominated. I want to work at CNN,and travel the world talking to people. I want it all,but I am learning that I have to take it one goal at a time. I am learning I have to plan,get my goals in order,and work to get them.

    Liked by 1 person

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