#103 Outed – ‘Mentally Ill For Attention’ 

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When you’re young (or Donald Trump) you do things for attention; kick, scream and whine. We want all eyes to be on us, and for a child you can understand why. We are born into a world where we have servants pandering to our every need. For about 10 years of your life you are a mini Cesar or a mini Cleopatra the 7th*. So it is no wonder you expect all the attention to be on you, its 10 years of habit.

So that accurately explains everyone’s childhood in every conceivable case, but what about adults? Well unsurprisingly in western societies, which value money over virtually everything else, people will do anything for attention. Including living in a jungle with strangers and doing demeaning challenges, to inserting a wine bottle into their vagina on live TV. This is all perfectly acceptable because it is ‘entertainment’.

What is not allowed however, is to express any mental health issues of any kind, this is attention seeking. Only the lowest of the low would dare to be depressed, anxious, bipolar, schizophrenic… and talk about it. What foul beasts we are*.

This kind of attitude perpetuates stigma. And if there’s one thing I hate in this world, it’s perpetuation. It just goes on and on. This kind of attitude forces people to be anonymous, and no one in society should be anonymous for such a reason. There is no shame in being ill in some way. Although if you have athletes foot, I smite you.

You maybe surprised to know that I am anonymous, my name is not Mindfump and I am not a pink fluffy brain. I’m a man; a 28-year-old man; a 28-year-old, mentally ill man called Paul. So it’s nice to finally meet you. I decided today, with zero grandeur, to switch my twitter profile from a pink fluffy brain to me. So I am out, it is official. Paul Green is mentally ill.

Although rather inconveniently if you’d read yesterday’s post you’d realise I’m actually in a sustained period of happiness. I always imagined I’d reveal all this in a tears fuelled moment of desperation surrounded by unknowing friends. When in reality I just changed my twitter picture and I’m actually feeling pretty good.

Anyone for an anticlimax?


*who actually in real life had an affair would you believe. 

*This is not true, you are marvellous.

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  1. mainepaperpusher

    Another mentally ill person here, too. Blogging has been wonderful for me. If anyone asks why I started, I tell them it’s because of my depression. It makes me happy! I don’t know what that makes them think, but I’ve had great positive responses. We, the ill, enable the stigma by remaining silent, even if asked. Inevitably when I open up, I find the other person either shares in the illness or has friends or family who do. There are more of us than we think.

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