#98 BONUS – ‘The Post-Post Post’

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If going to university taught me one thing, it was that I do not like working with groups. I’m the opposite of what every company seems to want. I want to work on my own, on my own thing, in my own lazy special way. The various universities I studied at however never pandered to my individualistic ways, and I was forced to work in groups.

Oh, life can be cruel.

Working in groups did teach me and confirm to me that working in groups was not an enjoyable experience. I think it comes down to a creativity thing. I often have a clear vision of what I want to do and I selfishly want to pursue whatever idea that is. So being in a group just prevents me from doing that. My boss at an Insurance company I worked for, was naturally a little more skeptical regarding my creative scope in the dry world of insurance, summed up when he said, ‘just answer the fucking phones’.

After answering the fucking phones for a while I truly understood the world of groups (and insurance) was not for me.

So it is funny then that today* I met an artist and illustrator who goes by the name of Dre, also known as ‘Things Dre Makes‘.  The idea of the meeting was to set up an art project on the blog. I literally went out of my way to form a group. I don’t know what the minimum amount of people required to make a group are, but for the purposes of continuity, I’m going to say working with Dre counts as a group.

The details of the project will go up in the next week or so but it was exciting to have meetings in person with an actual person*. She doesn’t even make me answer the phone. One thing that I did notice though, was that it was hard to say that I had a blog out loud. It was the first time my digital world became my physical world. I’m sure it would just be as odd for Super Mario if he had to speak to people in the real world, but he doesn’t. It was just me who did that. Yahoo!


*Actually one week ago, now.

*That is in no way meant to be disparaging to all those digital folk out there.

P.S This post was originally intended to be number 98, but I ended up in hospital that evening and didn’t get a chance to finish it. 

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  1. S. Hansen

    Been working on it in a way that could be considered enthusiastically for me. Most people would look at me and say there’s mild positivity toward the project but I’m so apathetic about everything right now I’d say that’s astounding.
    Struggling with forming Anxiety at the moment, what a bitch she is. Drew her, realised the scale was wrong, fixed it a bit, didn’t like it, put a big pink blob where her face should be and decided it was time for a break…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reg

    I enjoy the social aspect of working in groups, but I don’t like the suppressing of my creativity. I don’t want to compromise my ideas! Group work is great when you don’t have ideas lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another Cracked Belle

    yay, it’s the post-post post!! 😀

    I hate group projects too. though I would rather have lazy partners than slightly interested ones. I don’t mind taking over the project and creating something of great quality, even if it means the other folk did nothing to help. in fact, all the better — stay out of my way. lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. SpookyMemoryWitch

    I feel the same about working in groups and agree with you about the creativity thing – it’s so personally MINE that I find it difficult to share or work on someone else’s vision. I was a mature student doing graphics just a few years ago (I graduated just after my 50th birthday and often had to do the group thing).


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